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Hyster forklift trucks launches new Wireless Access Monitoring System, Hyster® Tracker

Hyster has launched a new Wireless Access Monitoring System, Hyster® Tracker, which enables effective fleet management to support demanding materials handling operations.

The latest telemetry offering from Hyster is designed to enhance productivity by monitoring and reporting on the performance and use of forklift trucks and container handling trucks in operation.

The system can be used to track key performance data and, through wireless tracking technology, materials handling operations can keep tough Hyster® forklift trucks running for even longer and even more productively.

The Hyster® Tracker monitors the materials handling fleet, controls operator access and helps to verify that the operator pre-shift checklist has been completed before operation.

Some of the key benefits include asset protection, cost management and reduced downtime control, as well as cost tracking wirelessly through the HysterTracker.com portal, which can be accessed using a desktop, laptop or tablet. Hyster® Tracker can be linked to existing WIFI resources and alternatively use cellular signal for data communication.

"The new Hyster® fleet management system provides valuable information to operation managers about the operation of and maintenance for Hyster® forklift trucks, enhancing productivity through intelligence" explains Francois Serfontein, Vice President Aftermarket EMEA.

The Hyster® Tracker system provides three different levels of monitoring and different functionality including wireless monitoring, access and verifications to suit the application.

Hour meter, cost of operation, periodic maintenance, fault codes and impacts can all be tracked. When an impact occurs, for example, emails are sent out automatically and logged, making it easier to review incidents and related product damage.

The Wireless Access functionality enables idle shutdown as well as operator access control.

"The Hyster® Tracker can restrict access so that only those trained to use that equipment are able to" explains Francois Serfontein. "This helps to increase driver accountability, which can help to improve driving behaviour and is proven to reduce damage to equipment and to stock."

To prevent operators from leaving running equipment unattended, the idle shutdown feature powers off the equipment following a pre-identified amount of time if the equipment is tracked as idling or unattended. This also helps to reduce excess fuel costs.

The Wireless Verification includes an Operator Pre-shift Checklist with tracking functionality for an on-board, prompt-based verification of equipment issues. This enables any issues to be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible, reducing expenses and potential downtime.

Hyster® Tracker can also be used to support any make of materials handling equipment and is part of the wider aftermarket offering from Hyster, which includes spare parts, batteries and added solutions to help further enhance operations.

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