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Hyster Fortens saves on downtime by selecting the right gear

Hyster has announced the launch of its groundbreaking Fortens™ truck generation, packed with innovative design features to boost customer productivity. The launch follows several years of massive investment in research, design, testing and manufacture. The company is confident that the Hyster Fortens will establish a new industry benchmark for diesel and LPG internal combustion engine trucks for the 21st century.

Hyster's experienced design team has applied innovative thinking to the Fortens range in order to devise brand new solutions. This has resulted in the design of some of the most technologically advanced systems around today. These will set new standards in reliability and offer the customer the ability, unique in this industry, to customise the trucks to meet their needs. This will provide the step change in productivity and low cost of ownership fleet truck operators are seeking. It is part of Hyster's commitment to be a strong partner, providing the toughest trucks for all application needs

The Hyster DuraMatch™: a cost-saving transmission solution.
Transmission faults are often one of the major causes for downtime in internal combustion lift trucks. To address this, Hyster has designed a completely new electronically controlled transmission for the Fortens range.

Called DuraMatch, it is a patented transmission design that will improve performance while reducing operating costs. Its objectives are to lessen wear and damage, to reduce costly downtime and expensive repairs, as well as minimising operator fatigue. Key features include the Auto-Deceleration System (ADS) and controlled power reversal, which allows even the most aggressive direction changes to be smooth, reducing tyre wear and adding to greater driver comfort.

Its adjustable Auto-Deceleration System (ADS) can be programmed to slow the truck, with varying degrees of deceleration, when the accelerator pedal is released. This will allow the truck to be tailored to suit the needs of the driver. This means less use of the brake pedal, which consequently reduces brake wear and operator fatigue.

The Hyster Pacesetter VSM™: on-board computer enhances reliability.
All the electrical systems on the Fortens range are managed by a unique dedicated on-board computer system, the Pacesetter VSM (Vehicle Systems Manager). Devised and developed by Hyster, the system uses a CANbus communications network, and can best be described as the 'computer 'brain' of the truck. It manages all truck electrical systems to optimise performance and significantly increase overall reliability while enhancing diagnostic capabilities for maximum uptime.

The VSM also enables truck performance to be customised to suit individual application needs. This increases productivity while reducing the stress placed on the truck in arduous applications, avoiding unnecessary damage through inappropriate use. Both diagnostic and performance tailoring functions can be accessed via the dash display.

TouchPoint™ mini-levers or TouchControl™ joystick: E-hydraulic controls that reduce driver fatigue.
To promote improved driver comfort and flexibility, while minimising muscle and joint strain, Hyster has introduced unique E-hydraulic controls. There is a choice of TouchPoint™ mini-levers, or optional TouchControl™ Joystick, built into the seat armrest. The levers have been designed to have a shorter throw and require low effort to operate them.

The adjustable armrest that accompanies these E-hydraulic configurations moves with the seat and telescopes forward. The armrest is contoured for maximum comfort and is adjustable to allow for right-side entry/exit.

HSM™ Hyster Stability Mechanism: improved driver confidence and safety.
The Hyster HSM stability mechanism, promotes greater truck safety on the Fortens range by reducing the truck lean in turns and improving its lateral stability. This advanced suspension system limits the pivot of the steer axle articulation. The design allows the Fortens trucks to travel smoothly over uneven surfaces such as dock entry plates, pot holes and debris. The system is 100% maintenance free – so has its own reliability built right in.

All fuelled up and ready to go.
As gas cylinders aren't the lightest things to change on an LPG-powered truck, Hyster have come up with a quick-change solution, which can be fitted to the new Fortens range – the EZXchange Bracket (optional). This makes changing gas bottles simple and quick because the bracket, with gas-spring assisted cylinder, swings out and lowers the cylinder to a vertical and locked position. By assisting the changeover in this way, the Hyster EZXchange Bracket (optional) minimises arm and back strain.

All of these innovations, available now on the Fortens H2.0-3.5FT series, are designed to contribute to the lowest cost of operation, maximum uptime, operator preferred ergonomics and unmatched performance. Put together they produce a truck that continues Hyster's reputation for progressive thinking, total quality, and leaves the competition standing.

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