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Hyster gives warehouse operators more

The news that Hyster has recently introduced an enhanced version of its successful LO2.0 low-level order picker series promises an even wider range of options for warehouse operators. The latest LO2.0L model features a rising platform, particularly suitable for frequent second level picking. Additionally, a wider, longer driver platform provides increased working space for the operator and allows easier pass through, to optimise picking on both sides of the truck.

Equipped with an energy efficient MOSFET high frequency speed controller, large battery capacities (from 200 Ah to 620 Ah) and a choice of vertical or side battery extraction facilities the series offers extended shift life too. Like every truck in Hyster's warehouse range, the LO2.0 series order picker combines tremendous overall reliability and low maintenance with other important operating benefits such as superior power and efficiency leading to improved productivity.

Why warehouse operators get more from Hyster.
The latest advances to the Hyster warehouse truck range, from the smallest pallet trucks to the groundbreaking new VNA (very narrow aisle) turret trucks have all been developed following extensive research, design and testing programmes, including major customer involvement. Each product series offers a variety of configurations to provide performance matched to specific customer applications.

The results have enabled warehouse operators to enjoy increased dependability, improved productivity, greater energy efficiency, lower maintenance and running costs – all culminating in an overall lower cost of ownership.

Get more reliability.
Reliability is a big feature of Hyster's warehouse trucks. All original parts have to go through a Certified Manufacturing process to ensure they not only meet Hyster's quality and delivery criteria, but also customers' expectations. In addition, every new model is rigorously tested before it goes into production.

Greater truck reliability also comes from the use of state-of-the art systems and components. These include powerful, yet virtually maintenance-free, brushless AC drive motors and CANbus electronic communication systems – a truck's 'electronic brain' – which monitors all its various functions.

PIN code access also facilitates greater reliability by allowing warehouse managers to tailor performance levels of the truck to suit individual operator ability as well as monitoring truck damage.

Get more benefits from low maintenance.
An important aspect of low cost of ownership is low maintenance and low downtime. On all Hyster warehouse trucks, maintenance intervals are as low as 1000 hours for most major components. Easy service access speeds up routine maintenance while diagnostic data delivered to the dash display enables periodic maintenance needs to be anticipated and makes fault detection easy.

Linked to the benefits of low maintenance is the cost saving which comes from the parts commonality shared by many trucks in the warehouse range.

Get the benefits of performance and power efficiency
Thanks to skilful design engineering, the LO2.0 series is already showing how performance and power efficiency can be achieved for companies in the storage and distribution industry.

Electronic power steering and powerful AC drive motors provide high torque and rapid direction changes to meet the demands of frequent stop and go operations typical of order picking operations.

Get more productivity through driver comfort and control.
An efficient truck needs an efficient operator if it's to deliver high productivity.
That's why you'll find a high standard of ergonomics right across Hyster's warehouse range. On horizontal mover trucks, the tiller head has been designed to reduce operator fatigue with controls located close to the tiller arms. The latest tiller head design promotes improved speed, travel, direction and braking control and combines with electronic power steering to further boost operator productivity and throughput.

The L02.0L low level order picker is just the latest Hyster model designed to help users to get more from their warehouse operation. More dependability, more driver productivity and, above all, lower cost of ownership.

A complete range of Hyster products is available exclusively through Barloworld in the UK. Users interested in finding out more should contact their nearest Barloworld branch, via Freephone 0800 298 1548

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