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Hyster launches new C Series Turret Truck

The new Hyster C Series of man-up turret trucks is set to demonstrate how latest innovation can produce outstanding benefits for the customer. In terms of dependability, productivity, ergonomics and low cost of ownership the C series has it all.

Designed to work in demanding operations with minimal operating clearances, these VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trucks can be tailored to suit a vast array of applications and tasks; from pallet put aways, picking and transporting to staging in high density storage warehouses. With seven models and a variety of truck configurations and options to choose from, customers can select the right solution for their specific business needs.

Customers have the reassurance too of Hyster's unmatched reputation for lift truck durability. Hyster have already built 28 of these trucks for endurance, thermal and stability tests as well as field tests in customer applications.

Maximising storage space and reducing cost per load stored are the key deliverables VNA warehouse operators are looking for. The Hyster C series permits maximum storage density with narrow aisle widths. Cube utilisation is optimised through the range of mast options and lifting capabilities, and high load handling is facilitated using in-aisle rail/wire guidance options. The man-up design means that the operator is always working at the height adjacent to the load, forks and racking, which is ideal for load handling and order picking.

Innovative, advanced features deliver high productivity
Every feature of the C series is designed to enhance operating efficiency. Powerful AC, high capacity traction and hydraulic motors deliver fast travel and lift speeds to maximise load handling throughput. 80 volt models use two 15 kw hydraulic motors, providing a total of 30 kw of power, more than any one else in the industry. The hydraulic lift motors also allow simultaneous operation of truck functions such as travel and auxiliary lifting and lowering, traverse and pivot control.

One of the innovative features of the new Hyster C series is the narrow turret head, with a thickness of only 210mm, designed to handle a base capacity of 1590kg. This allows the trucks to operate in the smallest aisles or run in aisles with greater side operating clearances. Built into the turret attachment is a unique integral pantograph which eliminates the need for double-biting. This provides up to 250mm of additional stroke and improves the traversing speed of the forks.

A load weight sensor, standard on 80v trucks, also monitors the weight of each pallet and matches this with an optimal speed.

Proving the value of excellent ergonomics
The new Hyster C series is the first VNA truck on the market to offer two completely different operator control types. Option 1, the forward mounted controls, are ideal where operators must get on and off the truck frequently, performing a lot of order picking functions. Option 2 (available January 2007), the seat side controls, are perfect for a high throughput, full pallet case handling environment, where the operator spends long periods on the truck moving pallets at a high rate per hour.

Other ergonomic features include increased cab depth to provide more leg room, a spring-loaded return-to-centre seat which is adjustable to suit all operator weights and infra-red sensors to detect operator presence (eliminating the need for continual pressure on a button).

Building operator confidence
Working at heights up to 16000 mm means that the driver must be confident in the stability of his truck if he is to deliver maximum productivity. Hyster engineering expertise has kept this consideration at the forefront of their design. For example, the C1.5M and C1.5L feature Hyster's patented Quad Form mast, the only four-point mast in the industry. It offers increased stability and torsional strength, and, uniquely in this class, eliminates the need for additional support or bracing.

Hyster's design engineers have also moved the traverse frames to the top and bottom of the cabin to provide greater load stability by reducing any unwanted deflection. In addition, the operator has excellent fork-tip visibility to make handling easier and keep load damage to a minimum.

Keeping running costs low
Dependability is a key factor in all customers' minds. With the new Hyster C series, durability, serviceability and extended battery life help keep running costs to a minimum.
On every truck, the advanced CANbus electronic communication system, virtually maintenance free, sealed AC motors and thermal management systems mean that maintenance intervals are as low as 1000 hours for most major components. Easy service access speeds up maintenance and reduces downtime while diagnostic data delivered to the dash display enables maintenance needs to be anticipated quickly and makes fault detection easy.

Strong Partners. Tough Trucks
Without doubt the new Hyster C series is a tough truck designed for peak performance in demanding operations. Like all Hyster trucks it is backed by strong partners; Hyster, the worlds only global, full line supplier of materials handling equipment and its extensive network of strong, independent dealers providing world class local customer care.


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