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Hyster powers ahead with 24V forklift trucks

Hyster Europe has announced the launch of a compact 24V rear wheel drive forklift truck series that delivers a number of class-leading benefits including superior energy performance and a low cost of operation.

The new rear wheel drive A1.3XNT and A1.5XNT forklift trucks from Hyster have been designed to be among the most compact 1,250kg and 1,500kg capacity forklift trucks in their class. With an overall width of only 996mm, they help to support block stacking where space is limited in a warehouse operation.

The new three-wheel 24V forklift trucks have a tight turning circle which is class-leading, allowing the 1,250kg model to operate in aisle widths of just 3,053mm. This helps the operator to move quickly with confidence in manufacturing or logistics operations.

Daniel Heap, Senior Product Strategy Manager, says: "We aim to make the operator’s last hour as productive as the first. This means that during the development of any Hyster truck we focus heavily on operator comfort. One aspect of operator comfort is noise, and I do not think I have experienced such a quiet truck in the 13 years that I have been involved in the forklift truck industry. The low noise level of 59dB(A) is truly class-leading. It reduces stress on the operator, and because this type of truck runs in urban areas, having a Hyster A1.3-1.5XNT will please the neighbours too."

The low vibration seat gives unrivalled comfort with levels from 0.3-0.5m/s2. A low step and seat height provides easy on-off access and there is plenty of foot space and generous shoulder room.

A top speed of 12.0kmh (laden) is delivered by the single rear AC drive motor, while adjustable performance settings help to achieve the required "eBalance" of energy and performance. The HiP setting provides maximum productivity and in this setting the truck is one of the only forklifts to complete the VDI 2198 60 cycle course in the designated time.

The eLo setting optimises the energy use and reduces cost even further, providing super low comparative forklift energy consumption, according to VDI2198 test 45 cycles, of 4.0kWh/h (1.5t). A selection of batteries is available to suit the application to ensure optimal shift life is achieved.

The Vista Plus mast also offers class-leading visibility and helps the operator to work quickly when picking and depositing loads, while the rear drive-handle with integrated horn button makes reversing easier. There is a heads-up display, plenty of storage space and an easy to operate automotive park brake.

As with all Hyster equipment, reliability and serviceability has been a key focus in the design of the new A1.3-1.5XNT forklifts. Strong construction and proven components ensure long-term reliability and durability, but a number of small details make it easier to service than any competitor model in its class. This was confirmed in a SAE J817/1 serviceability review which establishes a point system for ease of maintenance actions for off-road work machines.

The 24V forklift trucks can be serviced without extracting the battery, there are self-adjusting brakes, a brake fluid level sensor and the DIN wheel nuts do not need checking as regularly as standard wheel nuts (every 2000 hours). The AC traction and hoist motors are maintenance-free but there is easy access to the rear wheel and motor drive unit due to a large opening in the counterweight. Other features such as the VSM (Vehicle System Manager), O-ring face seal fittings, and sealed electrical connectors combine to allow service intervals at 1,000 hours or 6 months.

Several options will be available to help support specific operations including a choice of 11 standard masts, TouchPoint mini levers, return to set tilt, LED light kits, integral side shift, side battery extraction, MonotrolTM pedal, extended warranty (36 Months / 6000 hours), sub-zero cold store construction and more.

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