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Hyster's new Fortens™ range of lift trucks is a major step forward in lift truck design & engineering and has made a statement to the market of Hyster's intent to provide industry leading solutions to a wide range of customer applications.

A significant part of this advance is thanks to the ability of Hyster's design engineers, who have developed an electronically controlled powershift transmission.

The new Hyster DuraMatch™ transmission is a patented design, which, by using an electronic Vehicle System Manager (VSM), is able to provide flexibility in terms of how the truck is operated in the application. At the same time as ensuring the truck can be set up to match the needs of the application, the new transmission also helps to improve truck performance while reducing operating costs.

The Hyster DuraMatch™: a cost-saving transmission solution
A significant percentage of truck downtime events are due to problems with the powertrain. The Pacesetter™ VSM is able to constantly control and monitor how the transmission operates, so is able to manage the wear and tear to truck systems, reducing costly downtime and repairs.

The VSM is also able to manage the way the transmission operates, to provide the driver with maximum comfort and, as a result, improve his productivity.

To enable the operator to change direction swiftly in shuttle applications, the Hyster DuraMatch™ transmission has a Controlled Power Reversal feature. When the driver engages reverse at the end of the shuttle run, either with a direction lever or the Monotrol™ pedal, and without applying the footbrake, the VSM takes control of the transmission.

The system will slow down the engine speed, before engaging reverse gear, and will subsequently power up the engine again. This function happens without intervention by the driver and efficiently manages the direction change. It reduces tyre spin and shock loading, allowing even the most aggressive direction changes to be smooth, while at the same time increasing tyre life by up to 50%.

Another feature that helps to improve operator productivity is the Auto-Deceleration System™ (ADS). This feature will slow the truck down to a stop, when the accelerator pedal is released, without the need to apply the footbrake. The ADS helps to combat operator fatigue and injury, limiting the frequency with which he needs to use the brake, while at the same time helping to reduce brake wear by up to 60%.

Both of these transmission features are programmable via the truck's dash display to match the needs of the driver and the application, from delicate to more aggressive settings, for maximum productivity.

Finally, the controlled roll back on gradients feature also helps to provide the driver with greater control over the truck, in particular when operating on a ramp. This means that the truck will only roll down a gradient at a maximum of 75mm per second, when the accelerator pedal is released and the footbrake is not applied.

The Hyster DuraMatch™: built in dependability and efficiency
The DuraMatch™ transmission is efficient, strong and hard working. Although a powershift transmission, by encompassing the features described above facilitated by the VSM, we see that it behaves like a hydrostatic. The electronic control not only assists in improving truck productivity, it also helps to improve fuel efficiency. Thanks to the industry best cooling system, the Duramatch operates at lower temperatures than mechanically controlled transmissions, contributing to minimum maintenance requirements. This combined with simple serviceability provides unrivalled dependability.

DuraMatch™: Testing proves what the system can do
Like all the features on the new Fortens™ range, Hyster has invested thousands of hours in testing the DuraMatch™ system. Hyster's design engineers have conducted computer simulation tests, component bench tests, durability tests and reliability/field tests to verify every aspect of the new system before signing it off to be used on the new Hyster range of trucks. This is in keeping with the whole philosophy behind the Fortens™ which promises dependability that operators can count on – a promise which is being fulfilled by the success of the new truck series.

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