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Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe HHI introduce new heavy forklift trucks

Hyundai introduces four new models with load capacities between 11 and 16t
110D-7E, 130D-7E, 140D-7E, 160D-7E
Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe (HHI) presents four brand new diesel forklift truck models with load capacities of 11, 13, 14 and 16 tonnes. These additions will now round up the range Hyundai forklift trucks which had a maximum capacity of 8t. The first two new 160D-7 machines have already been sold in respectively Belgium and England.

With this new range of heavy forklift trucks, Hyundai is targeting a new customer base, not only in the steel, natural stone and concrete industries but also in the transport of heavy goods in ports and the railway sector. Their efficiency and power will provide the best conditions for economical work, keeping operational costs remain low, even for the most demanding assignments.

A Cummins diesel engine, the QSB6.7 with 119 kW (162 hp), provides the necessary power on all four models. The six-cylinder engine meets TierIII emission standards and can take the truck up to a speed of 35 km/h. Not only does it allow for good acceleration, it also provides for a high climbing ability on rough terrain and slopes. The driver can use a switch to select one of two driving modes: In the "STP" mode, the trucks save fuel during light work, while in "Power" mode, full power is available for heavy loads or work on difficult terrain. It is also possible, just by pressing a switch, to automatically maintain a selected speed without touching the accelerator pedal, another function to save fuel. The fully automatic transmission gently shifts through the gears and makes the forklift truck particularly manoeuvrable and comfortable to operate.

The spacious and well-ventilated cabin makes for a comfortable working place and combines fatigue-free work with high performance. Combined with a powerful air-conditioning and heating system this ensured by a comfortable driver’s seat and an ergonomic and bird’s eye view of all of the controls. And an MP3-CD-player adds the final touch to the pleasant working atmosphere Hyundai machines are known for.

Hyundai applies a "no-nonsense" principle to all of its machines which guides the durability and performance. Unnecessary technical subtleties are left out. On the other hand, anything which increases the machines’ safety and efficiency is used. All parts are assembled with Hyundai’s usual robustness and durability, giving the forklift trucks a high availability and a long life. Moreover, standard applied wet disk brakes guarantee safe control of these heavy machines.

Hyundai, however, did apply certain technical features to ensure a high level of safety at work. The OPSS (Operator Presence Sensing System), for instance, guarantees that no mast movements such as rising, lowering or inclining are possible when the driver is not in his/her normal position. As soon as the transmission is in neutral and the driver leaves his/her seat, the ‘Auto Parking’ function ensures that the parking brake is on. An optional reversing camera displays what is happening behind the forklift truck on a monitor in the cab so that the driver is oriented at all times, and the risk of an accident is drastically reduced.

Due to the thoroughly thought-out layout of all components the forklifts are particularly service-friendly. The engine is easy to reach through the large bonnet and for an even greater ease of access, at the press of a button, the whole cabin can be automatically tilted at an angle of 65 degrees by means of an hydraulic cylinder. This facilitates the necessary maintenance work on the whole transmission system.

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