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Hyundai launch new diesel Forklift range

Hyundai has launched a newly designed range of high-performance diesel counterbalance trucks ranging in lift capacity from 2.2 to 3.3 tonnes. The new 9-series forklift range provide optimal safety, are environmentally friendly, efficient, ergonomically designed and suited for many different lifting applications from wood to tiles to concrete and rubble bags and many more outdoor uses. The complete Hyundai range now encompasses machines with a lift capacity of 1500kg (1.5 tonnes) up to 35000kg (35 tonnes).

The new diesel range comprises 22D-9 2.2 tonne, 25D-9 2.5 tonne, 30D-9 3tonne and the 33D-9 3.3tonne machine. The machines in the range are all driven by a high powered Kubota V3307 50kW/2,300 rpm engine (-9) for heavy applications or for less strenuous tasks the machines have the option of a Yanmar 4TNE92 34 kW engine (-9E). The Stage IIIB Kubota engines are ultra-low in emissions and uses only a diesel oxidation catalyst avoiding the use of a DPF filter reduces down-time and no additives are used which in turn makes it ‘hassle free for the operator’.

Advanced safety features
A speed limiter comes as standard which is easy to program via the machines display monitor enabling smooth and safe operation of the vehicle.

A load sensor, which is an optional extra, checks pressure in the lift cylinder to calculate the weight on the forks. The load is indicated on the display and if an overload occurs the operator is alerted by a warning sound and the display monitor will show the weight of the load flashing red. A mast tilt indicator machine roll and pitch indication is standard on the display. An auto tilt levelling system is also now included on the new range as standard – this function returns the mast of the machines to an upright vertical position with the push of a button.

A new electric hand brake system is combined with an anti-roll back function. This means that if the machine is inclined more than three-degrees and the machine comes to a stop, the handbrake is automatically activated to prevent the machine rolling back. To release this function the driver pushes the accelerator to regain normal movement.

Halogen headlights and rear LED combination lights offers the operator excellent visibility. Rear reflectors mounted on the counterweight further improve visibility. The optimised lift cylinder arrangement also provides the operator with wider visibility and the panoramic mirror improves the operators view when reversing. A rear view camera is also available as an option as are full LED lights.

The advanced LCD digital colour monitor keeps the operator fully informed, not only about general operational data, but also safety warnings and speed limits are also visible. Also when the operator is reversing a rear view camera is activated automatically on the screen for safe backwards manoeuvring.

To prevent the machine being operated by non-qualified personnel and to protect the truck from theft there is an engine start limit feature where personal activation with an entrance code is needed. Other theft prevention measures include a fuel lock hatch, to prevent fuel theft and an optional fuel cap.

The OPSS (Operator Presence Sensing System) is fitted as standard – this prevents mast and all drive movements of the truck if the operator is not in his/her seat.

Ergonomic and productivity features
The newly designed cabin provides excellent all-round visibility and a plenty of space ensuring the operator is comfortable in his working environment. The position of the pedals has been revised to offer the operator a smoother drive.

The newly designed cab has a Grammer comfort seat and an adjustable steering column to achieve maximum comfort for the operator. The suspended seat with weight adjuster offers even more comfort for the driver. With increased acceleration and better gradeability these diesel trucks are ideal for tough terrain and the hill assist control system will stop the machine rolling backwards if stopping on a slope or a ramp.

The low entrance height makes it easy to get in and out of the cabin and an adjustable steering column can be easily manoeuvred to a comfortable drive position for the operator.

Functions can be controlled via the levers – with the directional switch mounted on the lift lever and the tilt lock switch on the second lever – the operator has control over the mast and drive functions without taking his/her hand off the steering wheel. This advance in the machine offers improved productivity, ergonomics and safety. There is also the option of a ‘Fingertip’ system which combines the ease of the mini-levers with the directional switch mounted on the console.

All of the machines across the range are also available with single or with double tyres.

Mast Options
Across the new diesel forklift range duplex masts with lift heights from 3 to 5 metres are available. As are duplex masts with full free lift – with a lift height of 3, 3.3 and 3.5 metres. Other options include – triplex masts from 3.7 metres to 7 metres – and for really high lift heights a quadriplex mast is available with lift heights from 6.1 to 8 metres.

Fast and easy maintenance
A large engine hood makes the engine compartment easily accessible for fast and efficient maintenance.

The LCD monitor provides easy access to maintenance information – when a service is needed the driver receives a clear warning for early intervention – which optimises up-time!

The engine and cooling systems are protected from clogging by rear tyre covers and if the machine is working in a harsh and dusty environment an additional undercover protective plate is available as an option. The clutch protection system prevents excessive use of inching. The DCSR (direction change shock relief) protects the drive line when changing direction – and only allows a change of direction at low speed.

The new Hyundai forklift range comes with a two-year 3000 hours full warranty from the factory. The inclusive Powertrain Warranty covers the product for three-years and 6000 hours.

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