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Hyundai modifies three and four wheel E forklifts

Hyundai modifies three- and four-wheel E-forklifts: significantly improved efficiency, consumption and ergonomics

Hyundai Material Handling has thoroughly re-engineered the very successful U series of its electrically driven three- and four-wheel forklifts. The focus of further development was on comfort, performance and reduced fuel consumption.

The three-wheel forklifts 15BT-9U/18BT-9U and 20BT-9U in the load capacity range 1,500 to 2,000 kg are ready for the world market with their high-performance components. New features include the Zapi controls of the ACE series, the Schabmüller drive motors and the ZF wheel gears. The new motors are also more powerful (drive motors 2 x 5.4 kW, lifting motor 14.9 kW). An improved and gentler control of the motors is realised thanks to Zapi ACE controls with protection class IP 65.

The electrical steering – now built-in – uses energy only when the steering wheel is operated, which reduces power consumption by up to 33%. Steering resistance grows with the speed of travel – that ensures safe and comfortable travel of the three-wheel forklifts, working up to 20 km/h. A further new feature is the electromagnetic parking brake that, without operating a switch, activates automatically when stopping. It also reliably prevents the forklift from rolling backwards on gradients/ramps.

  • 15BT-9U and 18BT-9U 525 up to 620 Ah (LION 376/470 Ah NMC)
  • 20BT-9U batteries from 625 to 750 Ah

The 4.3-inch display is anti-glare and more readable. The driver is informed about all operating states, selects from three operating modes and error message codes are displayed. An OPSS-System (Operator Presence Sensing System) (lift, travel and mast tilt are blocked if the driver is not on the seat) is available.

For all three-wheel forklifts Hyundai Material Handling offers LION batteries in NMC technology. As standard, the control of the forklifts is configured for the transition from conventional to LION batteries. The lifting masts of the three-wheel forklifts cover the range from 2,700 to 7,000 mm – this covers all typical application fields.

The four four-wheel forklift models 25B-9U, 30B-9U and 35B-9U cover the load range from 2,500 to 3,500 kg/500 mm LSP (Load Sensing Point). In these high-performance machines with 48 V electrics, electro-hydraulic servo steering is now built-in that saves up to 17% energy. New low-noise hydraulic pumps are a further feature for greater power and less consumption. The 25B-9U is powered by a 720 Ah/48 V battery. The larger machines have 810-900 Ah batteries. For all four-wheel models, LION batteries of 564 Ah capacity (NMC technology) are available.

As standard the four-wheel forklifts of the U series have battery change through the side; however the option of removing the battery upwards is still available. All three- and four-wheel forklifts can be supplied from the factory with heated full cabs. The cab door of the four-wheel forklifts can be one- or two-section, for the three-wheel forklift always one-section.

Fleet management and better standard equipment

The three- and four-wheel forklifts of the U series are already available with, as standard, Continental tyres SC18 SE for quieter running, more comfort and performance. Further tyre types (marking/non-marking) and other special equipment is available ex-factory.

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