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I-Pack Nano automated packaging solution for e-fulfilment

B+Equipment presents I-Pack Nano, an automated packaging solution for e-fulfilment derived from its proven I-Pack offer. I-Pack Nano like I-Pack automatically reduces the height of the box to the exact height of its contents at a speed of 800 boxes per hour, and furthermore can reduce the box as low as 20 mm so that the box is eligible to postal flat rates, beating all competing box solutions. Several millions of I-Pack Nano parcels have already travelled on the roads of Great Britain and Europe, delivering music products, books, games, and gadgets.

I-Pack Nano is in operation in the UK and in France by e-commerce leaders shipping several thousands of orders per day. Reduced boxes save on transport cost, in particular express freight. When the products make it possible to reduce the box down to 20 mm, I-Pack Nano is eligible to the Royal Mail unbeatable flat rate. Besides, I-Pack Nano takes less space in mail boxes.

I-Pack Nano meets the expectations of e-fulfilment, offering low cost, secured, and tamper evident packages, and accepting products of all shapes, sizes, and fragility. I-Pack Nano is a high speed solution which can be implemented in existing warehouses and connected to existing WMS with very limited impact.

The short return on investment makes I-Pack Nano compatible to standard three years fulfillment contracts and thus makes it attractive to 3PL.

Besides the I-Pack Nano 100% corrugated box meets the demands of consumers for single material packages and generally for environmentally friendly solutions.

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