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i’ up your productivity at PAWRS 2011

Effective stock and material control has never been so important given the challenges businesses face in today’s economic climate. To help make the most efficient use of product, time and machinery, RDS Technology will be exhibiting its Loadmaster i range of on-board weighing systems at PAWRS 2011 emphasising the gains in productivity that can be achieved by investing in such technology.

Benefitting from innovative enhancements to the weighing algorithm for static and dynamic weighing modes, the Loadmaster i range of on-board weighing scales for large wheeled loaders offers effective management of weighing data. The Loadmaster 8000i has an integral SD card port for the fast and efficient transfer of data between loader and weighbridge or office PC and enables pre-registered customer reference data to be uploaded directly to the instrument.

RDS will also be exhibiting the trade-approvable Loadmaster 9000i. When fitted to a wheeled loading shovel, this on-board weighing scale effectively transforms the loader into a mobile weighbridge which conforms to MID Class Y(b) levels of accuracy.

The company has recently gained approval via the UK National Measurements Office to self-verify its instruments. Subject to formal training by RDS, this approval extends to all EU RDS distributors. This will dramatically speed up verification times and reduce end user costs.

For further bespoke data management options, the Loadmaster 9000i DMM features an extended data-handling module. This has been specially designed with the integral SD card port central to the system. Up to six separate reference fields for each truck loading cycle can be stored in a comprehensive database for detailed record keeping. The details of each field can be uploaded to the instrument from the SD card or programmed onto the card directly through the instrument. The card exports the weighing data into an Excel compatible file, ready for use with company invoice and record systems. Such product traceability makes it ideal for material handling applications in demolition operations, recycling plants and other potentially harmful or toxic areas.

Designed specifically for forklift trucks the Liftlog 100+ offers weighing & load monitoring functions with an internal alarm to warn when load threshold is approached and at the overload point. The Liftlog 100+ also offers a totalising feature. Negating the need to travel to a floor-mounted platform scale often sited in a remote part of the warehouse, the Liftlog 100+ provides a time-efficient means of check weighing.

Also on show at PAWRS will be the Axlog Alpha overload warning indicator suitable for vehicles with either conventional steel or air suspension.

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