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ICAM presents IRIDE, the next generation picking experience

With IRIDE, ICAM redefines the concept of picking with a unique mix of simplicity and intuition. And the picking experience evolves in pleasure.

The current market trend shows a continuous increase in the complexity resulting in a greater order frequency and small quantities. Correct order fulfillment impacts not only on corporate efficiency in terms of productivity and profit margin but also on the level of service perceived by customers. For this reason, picking systems have become a significant competitive lever, especially in modern contexts that focus on a series of performances, such as order accuracy and delivery speed.

Up to now companies, in order to better respond to these new production and distribution scenarios, had only simple Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light Systems, quite expensive and with a limited number of features. These solutions besides to not be included in the standard offer, have the limit of the incompleteness of the information that can mislead the operator and force him to move from tray to control panel to access more information, resulting in waste of time.

IRIDE changes the rules of the game. Thanks to the combination of colored light beams (Light Picking Guide) which identify the right locations containing the material to be handled with the Head-up Digital Dashboard and the Active Gesture Control, the intelligent system of hands-free interaction, the operator will be guided step by step all process long and he can be able to roam freely among the items to organize and store.

ICAM redefines the standards of ergonomics and usability, accuracy and productivity thanks to a fully integrated digital environment both in the machine and in ICON, the software management system.

IRIDE, the innovative Interactive Multimedia Workstation (IMW), introduces a new approach for the interaction with the machine, intelligent and interactive, based on visual guide and on the gesture control, for an overall picking experience much more natural, simple and comfortable. With clear and simple instructions, it becomes evident where to pick and the right quantity to collect. Operations are simplified, the interaction with the machine surprisingly intuitive and the adaptability extremely simple.

All information shown on the Head-up Digital Dashboard are projected as a natural part of the warehouse directly into the operator’s field of vision eliminating the need to continually glance from tray-to-control panel, for more intuitive and accurate picking. All information has been carefully selected for usefulness while providing low distraction for the greatest possible level of safety, productivity and accuracy. The time necessary for refocusing is considerably reduced compared to the traditional management systems. This helps the operator to keep his focus constant and reduces eye-fatigue.

The operator can interact in real time with the information projected onto the Head-up Digital Dashboard changing the number of items to pick or to be refilled, by confirming or canceling the operation. Several options are available for your comfort and usability: Air Mouse, Ring Mouse, Remote Control Wireless Mouse Keyboard, Gesture Control, Barcode scanning.

This is only the first step for IRIDE, our year zero. ICAM believes in ideas in motion, ideas that improve, evolve and expand in time with both technology and user experience.

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