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Ichings enhances asset location solution

Added protection and control for trailers and mobile assets

ICTHINGS.COM has upgraded its IC500e location device to provide increased protection and control over trailers and mobile assets. This latest version of the innovative track and trace tool incorporates new custom-moulded casing, enhanced unit functionality, and extended battery life of up to three years.

The specially-developed casing ensures added-protection of the power-management and location technology within IC500e unit, whilst the compact nature of the design makes it easy to conceal within an asset. The unit is also available with high power magnets to achieve effortless installation and offer unmatched flexibility to track what you want, when you want.

Technology enhancements have resulted in increased GPS sensitivity for improved reliability, and an auto reset function that provides added control and ease-of-use. The advanced low power management ensures extremely low consumption, enabling the IC500e location device to now operate for up to three year on just six AA batteries.

Tom O'Connor, Director at ICTHINGS.COM said: “ICTHINGS.COM combines unique and industry leading technology to provide advanced tracking for any form of mobile asset. The IC500e device is at the forefront of the fast-paced and innovative asset location industry, with unrivalled levels of power management and functionality.”

This innovative tracking solution allows businesses to optimise all resources and attain the peace of mind that comes with knowing the precise whereabouts of mobile assets. Furthermore, ICTHINGS.COM allows complete access and a control over each unit, without the need for complex or expensive technology, using just a mobile phone or via the Internet.

With ICTHINGS.COM, businesses can realise total visibility and control over mobile resources, and not just road-based vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks. It really can locate just about anything, because unlike other tracking products this solution doesn't need to be wired to an external battery as it possesses its own long-life power source.

ICTHINGS.COM provides a standalone locating solution that can effectively track trailers and all mobile assets independently or as part of a wider asset protection programme. This revolutionary device possesses its own long-life power source, with unique power management technology, offering a truly flexible solution that can track what you want, when you want. ICTHINGS.COM enables total visibility at a touch of a button – via the Internet, mobile phone or existing fleet and asset management tools.

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Jasper Business Communications
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