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IFOY AWARD 2016: Jungheinrich wins "Warehouse Truck highlifter" category

IFOY AWARD 2016: Jungheinrich wins “Warehouse Truck highlifter” category

•    Jury of international trade journalists selects the 80-Volt narrow aisle stacker as the winner in the “Warehouse Truck highlifter” category.
•    Colourful IFOY Award ceremony for the “Intralogistics Oscar” at the CeMAT in Hannover.
•    Michael Pooley, President CHEP Europe, presents the prestigious IFOY trophy.

The IFOY Award in the category “Warehouse Truck highlifter” goes to the newly developed EKX 516 from Jungheinrich.

The name of the winner was a well-kept secret up to the last moment. Last Tuesday evening its identity was revealed at the CeMAT opening in Hannover, when Michael Pooley, President CHEP Europe, presented the metal and glass trophy to the delighted winners.

The key factor behind the decision is the extremely high degree of innovation as confirmed by the IFOY Innovation Check. In the words of the jury: “With the introduction of the new EKX 5 series, Jungheinrich has significantly raised the bar in the segment of high rack stackers.” The main features of the man-up vehicle are the modular platform concept, the lightweight design, the use of a passive vibration damping system on a VNA truck for the first time, and the similarly new synchronous reluctance motor technology.

Jungheinrich launched the new EKX 80-volt highlifter in the spring of 2015. The truck lifts loads of up to 1,600 kg, these are 100 kg more than was previously the case in this segment thanks to the reduced weight of the lightweight cabin. The maximum lifting height is 0.5 metres higher than the predecessor model at 17.5 metres.

The truck is deployed exclusively in narrow aisles and can therefore be used both for the storage and removal of standard or box pallets as well as the picking of single items. The IFOY Innovation Check found that the electric VNA forklift is of high relevance both for order picking and three-sided operation in the warehouse itself as well as in the pre-storage area.

The new machine is the first warehouse truck equipped with a new motor technology developed for the intralogistics sector – the synchronous reluctance motor. These motors use the power generated by a changing magnetic resistance (reluctance), and roughly 93 percent of the energy is converted into output – thereby halving energy losses. By a comprehensive real-world trial comparing the predecessor model with the new EKX, the new EKX 516 was slightly more cost-efficient and ten percent more productive. Thanks to the improved energy efficiency, Jungheinrich is able to guarantee that the trucks can handle two-shift duty with just one battery charge without any problem. This renders spare batteries, changing stations, expensive tools and time-consuming personnel deployment unnecessary.

In addition, a new, patented system for the dampening of mast vibrations called “Floor Pro” enhances safety and improves vehicle handling. This paves the way for a 30 percent increase in speed, and the EKX and also permits the efficient use of the EKX on sub-quality floors that are not really suitable for the use of high rack stackers. The oscillation avoidance and cushioning feature was impressively demonstrated during the IFOY Test.

The new EKX 516 has various modules for process optimisation in the warehouse to promote efficiency of use. These include warehouse navigation and RFID as well as height and distance measurement. In addition, the EKX boasts a Jungheinrich-typical professional and spacious cabin with well-arranged control panels and ample storage space for work and personal items.

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