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IMHX sees Samuk HC lauch a raft of new products

Possibly the largest number of new fork lift trucks ever to be unveiled by one company at one show. In an unequivocal statement of its commitment to the UK market, the company will launch its new “R” Series alongside extensions to its established “H” Series. More than 12 new counter
balance, reach, pallet and stacker trucks will be shown, in public, for the first time.

Having an outside display area and occupying a 3,500 square foot area just inside the exhibition's main visitor entrance to Hall 17, Samuk+HC will be very hard to miss. Featuring over twenty examples of the company's trucks the stand will offer exhibition visitors their first chance of seeing the new trucks “in the metal”!

Company Chairman, Sir Neville Bowman-Shaw is excited at the prospect: “We are amazed and proud of this achievement by our partners' product development team and manufacturing plant. For the first time users will be able to select fork trucks in the popular 1.5 to 3.5 tonne range according to their intended use and the available budget. Similar to the volume car manufacturers, our new trucks are based on a common floor pan with different levels of equipment. The user that needs high utilisation with long service intervals will choose our premium truck where-as the user that has more of a hop-on; hop-off application will opt for the more cost effective regular model.”

Samuk+HC has a range of forklift trucks that will lift up to 18
tonnes to lift heights of 7.5 metres. This covers 80% of the
applications found in manufacturing industry and logistics and distribution. The company sells through a network of dealers known to and dependent upon their local market. They offer personal advice, 24/7 service and know their customers' lift truck fleets, meaning they minimise users costs.

The launch of these new products at IMHX announces the Samuk+HC JV
partners' intention to be safely within the top ten lift truck
manufacturers, world wide, by 2012.

Reader enquiries to:
Samuk Lift Trucks Limited
Park Road, Toddington, Bedfordshire LU5 6HJ

Tel: 01525 877700
Fax: 01525 874555

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