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Import Services launches innovative logistics reporting service

Innovative supply chain specialist Import Services, well known for its efficient approach to distribution, has launched a new service to transform the way the delivered cost per order – the core of every logistics function – is reported.

The digital statements cut out bulky paper reports allowing clients to identify the component costs involved in preparing every item in Import Services' distribution centre as well as the delivery charges.

Clients can simply upload the data into their own systems to easily analyse margins; the reports also provide important information to facilitate decisions on pricing, pack formats and minimum order quantities.

The new system will not only assist clients in their business, it will reduce administration time and will prove environmentally friendly – saving up to an estimated 25,000 sheets of paper a year.

John Eynon, managing director of Import Services, said that operational costs associated with moving a product to a customer are continually being reviewed as manufacturers, retailers and importers look to save money in their supply chain in order to retain a competitive edge.

“The supply chain has to be carefully managed to maintain profit margins, and our new service is invaluable as it helps clients get to the nub of their business in terms of margin per order.

“Our new system combines four key elements into one report, so a precise logistics cost can be identified clearly. This replaces individual paper reports on transport, pre-retail services, pallet and warehouse pick and pack costs,” added Mr Eynon.

“Many businesses benefit from outsourcing their logistics operation to a third party provider which offers reduced costs and expertise. Import Services' bespoke systems are developed to make moving products as easy and straightforward as possible, to eliminate unnecessarily complex supply chains.”

Logistics is the business of getting the right product, to the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Import Services invests in its people and constantly develops new technology to ensure it offers the best supply chain service to its clients and that the company remains at the forefront of logistics.

For more information on Import Services, log on to www.importservices.co.uk or call 01489 799500.

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