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Improve performance and safety with loading bay accessories

Thorworld Industries is advocating a simple solution to warehouse operators who are struggling with downtime, poor performance or health & safety issues – to conduct an audit of their loading/unloading infrastructure to determine cost-effective fixes.

The company is a leading supplier of loading bay equipment, and its extensive experience has led the company to believe that many problems with functionality can be remedied by the adoption of low-cost accessories such as dock bumpers, wheel chocks or dock lights.

“It’s easy to fixate on the bigger picture in a warehouse, but often small details get overlooked – and these can significantly impact on loading bay performance,” explains John Meale.

“As with any tool or device, if it isn’t working we instinctively assume it needs replacing, but sometimes just tightening a screw or replacing a washer is all that is required.

“Similarly, in a loading bay, don’t rush into a time-consuming consultation process or a costly, comprehensive overall of the loading bay unless it is absolutely necessary. Sometimes, a quick, common-sense audit of your environment will reveal easy-to-fix issues.

The key drivers for such an audit are efficiency, speed and safety. Thorworld advises companies to think practically about their current warehouse set-up, in order to identify potential bottlenecks or hazards that regularly slow down throughput or would cause major downtime in the event of an accident.

In a competitive marketplace, where the growth of e-commerce has given customers an increased expectation for rapid delivery in all areas of their lives, a ‘make do’ attitude towards improving loading bay efficiency is inexcusable. “All it takes is one unanticipated setback for deliveries to be delivered and customers to complain.”

Crucially, remedying or preventing issues need not be an expensive process; Thorworld points out that even low-cost accessories, if chosen well, can make a sizeable impact on solving problems and providing long-term benefits.

Typical issues might include vehicles regularly struggling to reverse first time up to a loading bay; or misunderstanding between incoming and outgoing drivers about the direction of travel around the complex.

In these cases, the installation of alignment curbs, and signage and traffic lights, respectively, will see rapid improvements in performance.

Preventative measures are even more important, as Meale explains. “The warehouse operator who relies solely on good fortune is only one accident away from major financial repercussions, whether through repairs, downtime or fines. Any perceived savings generated from cutting costs is actually a false economy that can be rapidly exposed.

“In contrast, a few simple checks on the quality of the loading bay area can easily determine potential areas for improvements, and we’re happy to speak to companies on how best to make these improvements” John Meale concludes.

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