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Improve warehouse safety with new guide from Harland Simon

Harland Simon has released a new guide that outlines some of the key causes of warehouse accidents and explains how to prevent them occurring. This free guide is a valuable tool for managers who want to improve safety and productivity still further in busy warehouse and logistics operations.

There are an estimated 100,000 reported injuries in the US and 8,000 in the UK each year as a result of accidents with MHE (materials handling equipment). Harland Simon’s guide looks at how these incidents continue to occur despite the growing use of safety systems and PPE (personal protective equipment). In addition, the guide focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of existing safety devices and explains how new location-aware technologies can enhance both safety and operational efficiencies.

These new technologies include Harland Simon’s own warehouse and logistics safety solution, VeroSafe. This is part of the Vero suite of solutions, designed to improve productivity and profitability, and features intelligent location aware tracking of MHE, people and assets in real time. Based on optical and/or wireless systems, the Vero suite of solutions provides a wide range of benefits, including faster pallet movements, more efficient MHE routing and pallet storage, plus far greater safety for warehouse staff and visitors alike.

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