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Improve your online operations and customer service with web sales

Solarsoft Business Systems, a provider of enterprise software and IT services to distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide, releases a major advance in Web Sales, helping business develop a powerful and profitable online presence.

Web Sales helps businesses to drive customer loyalty, increase sales and reduce costs by providing a seamless integration between the online shop and back-office operations. The release includes improved product management tools, dynamic stock controls, increased payment options and enhancements to the user interface.

By connecting directly to the existing ERP system, efficiencies are gained by eliminating the need to rekey customer details, product records or price lists. Customer service is improved by delivering real-time stock levels and specific pricing for different businesses; and with the ability to service retail sales and trade accounts, customers have direct access to account history, downloadable invoices, statements and open order details.

Steven Hargreaves, Group Product Director at Solarsoft says, "Our customers found the lack of integration between their online shop and fulfilment operation was increasing employees’ workloads, reducing sales hours and perhaps most importantly, providing a poor experience for their customers. Web Sales addresses these issues and ensures customers have access to up-to-date product information, accurate stock-levels and a range of different payment options – 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

For those customers that do not currently have an online shop, Solarsoft can provide a simple and easy to use front-end solution that comes complete with built-in tools to manage web listings and promotions. The software comes complete with search engine optimization functionality and an analytics package allowing businesses to accurately target sales and campaigns in the wider, online market.

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