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Improving satellite navigation for commercial vehicles

The Freight Transport Association FTA and the Location and Timing Knowledge Transfer Network LTKTN will be holding a free workshop on Improving Satellite Navigation for Commercial Vehicles in July.

Satellite navigation technology is now widely available, but many commercial vehicle operators do not currently feel that it caters for their needs. The workshop will comprise of short presentations from industry experts and open discussions between delegates, enabling them to arrive at workable conclusions and, hopefully, a plan of action.

There will be a broad range of presenters and delegates, from FTA, the Department for Transport, local authorities, vehicle operators, and the technology and global positioning industry itself.

The workshop will cover:

The current market situation of satnav for commercial vehicles
The barriers to take-up of the technology, updating mapping data, gathering HGV data and presenting data in a format that is easily useable by the industry
What products would be attractive to commercial vehicle users
How to get local authorities engaged and to produce meaningful lorry routes
How to gain credibility and reliability of data and technology with users
How to arrive at commonality of standards and reporting formats
Ways to collaborate and progress

The workshop will promote a broader understanding of the issues and explore how significant improvements in the provision of satellite navigation for commercial vehicle operators can be made.

For further information or to book a place please complete the online registration form at www.locationktn.com or contact karen.barlow@npl.co.uk, telephone 020 8943 8711.

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