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Imtech ICT Logistics Software launches LBASE 5 Smart in the UK

Imtech launches LBASE 5 Smart, to offer small and medium sized operations Software as a Service content and functions to manage logistics operations.

Imtech ICT Logistics Software has launched LBASE 5 Smart in the UK. The SaaS (Software as a Service) solution means customers do not require their own server because this is a hosted solution. LBASE 5 Smart, which joins the LBASE transport and warehouse management software that which Imtech launched here in 2010, is aimed at small and medium businesses that handle mixed consignments, part loads and cargo traffic.

"LBASE 5 Smart incorporates all the required process steps in one system: from order entry, to materials planning and billing, to financial management. It creates transparency while saving time, therefore ultimately reducing costs," said Robert Schaeffer, Head of Development at Imtech Logistics Software, explaining the system’s benefits.

Content and functions are specifically tailored to the wishes and needs of small and medium-sized logistics service providers. Imtech Project Manager Karin Saltori elaborates: "LBASE 5 Smart does not require any customisation; all essential procedures and business process are already defined."

Predefined procedures and processes mean a short implementation phase for the customer: the software is ready to use in about ten days. Specially designed screens allow orders and shipments to be entered quickly and simply, without requiring any extensive training. Components such as loading equipment and hazardous goods are also included along with interfaces for accounting and remote data transmission.

Rob Gibney, UK Country Manager at Imtech ICT Logistics Software believes that growth in SaaS versions of Transport Management Software (TMS) and Warehouse Management Software (WMS), such as LBASE 5 Smart, is likely to be stronger than that of traditional systems. He said: "Companies are increasingly seeing how SaaS can deliver not only operational benefit but also advantages for their customers such as gaining access to data in a controlled way to, for example, place shipments, despatch orders and then follow those up. While SMEs in a low margin sector are certainly able to benefit from SaaS, large operators also are looking for an on-demand TMS and WMS as well, particularly for their low volume operations."

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