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Imtech Logistics introduce cargoNET integrated express and parcels software

Imtech Logistics Software has introduced a fully integrated software system called cargoNET to give UK express and parcels carriers seamless visibility across their operation.

Imtech Logistics Software has introduced cargoNET to the UK. This completely integrated software for express and parcels logistics gives carriers visibility of their entire operation by seamlessly linking sales, customer service, finance and operations. The software can help carriers reduce debtor days, provide proof of delivery, develop accurate time windows and reduce misroutes and late deliveries.

Rob Gibney, UK Country Manager of Imtech Logistics Software commented: "In an increasingly competitive sector, express and parcels carriers must meet the challenge of providing guaranteed service levels for a broadening range of delivery service demands, not just for escalating B2C business but for specialised B2B sectors also. This will require software that gives carriers the visibility and agility to manage increasing throughputs and complexity of operations while meeting higher customer service levels. Because cargoNET completely links the key functions in an express and parcels logistics operation, it will ensure operators and their customers have all the information they need for successful deliveries."

Key accounts can be managed by cargoNET to enhance a carrier’s sales function. Individual tariffs, invoicing zones and consignment weights can all be included on the system to provide turnover and revenue statistics for each individual customer. This gives the carrier’s sales team complete visibility of the activities of every customer. Because they are linked into the operational part of the software, the sales team can be alerted to late deliveries, lost parcels and any other anomaly specific to any individual customer.

Customer service is helped by a complete track and trace capability at both the shipment and individual parcel level anywhere in the world. The software manages parcel pick-ups from a customer’s address as well as a return or a third party operator acting as a sub-contractor. cargoNet also has a full Proof of Delivery (POD) management capability.

cargoNET provides an invoicing module, which automatically creates invoices and credit notes; after creation in cargoNET, invoices and credit notes can be exported to an external financial and accounting system. A cash collection module manages cash collection for pre-paid, ex-works or cash-on-delivery items sent through the parcel operator’s network The software exports the base data for sub-contractor and driver payment (for the pickups, deliveries) in file form allowing sub-contractor and driver compensation to be handled in the customer’s own application.

When it comes to optimising operational efficiency, cargoNET provides a complete operational support platform for any parcels and express business, including the accurate management of same day and next day pickups, as well as deliveries made according to transport planning. The software will also manage routing and scheduling of all collections and despatch of all pick-up orders, which gives the operator complete control of the transport planning function at linehaul as well as collection and delivery route levels.

Parcel processing at the depot or hub level can be achieved through cargoNet’s I-Point capability, which seamlessly integrates with shipment management control components in the ‘back office’. Seamless connectivity with mobile data terminals for drivers, warehouses and hub operations is also provided by cargoNET. Any number of customised operational reports to be produced for efficient sub-contractor and driver administration and all non-deliverable shipments can be identified and pro-actively managed. cargoNET can identify every parcel in the system at any time.

Imtech offers a series of bolt-ons for high volume users of cargoNET. These include Mixed-I-Point high volume parcels processing; cargoPrint, a customer automation system, and the Focus message service, which automatically generates returns information for customers and the status on delivered parcels and consignments.

With customers demanding an online presence from their parcel carriers to gain realtime consignment status, cargoNET provides its customers with a complete realtime track and trace capability, while the system’s e-Print tool allows customers to label every parcel remotely. cargoNET also provides orders for collections and PODs electronically.

The launch of cargoNET follows the recent establishment of Imtech Logistics Software in the UK and the subsequent launch of LBASE transport and warehouse management software.

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