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In-Line magnetic separator removes small ferrous contamination

The S+S Inspection PNEUMAG in-line separator uses two rows of high-energy neodymium N45 permanent magnetic rods to remove even the smallest ferrous and magnetised stainless steel from fine-grained, powdery materials in vacuum and pressure conveyor pipes up to 250 mm diameter at high flow rates of up to 25 m/s. The new separator is designed to allow material flow in either direction and the use of permanent magnets eliminates the need for a power supply making installation and maintenance exceptionally simple.
The magnetic rods, arranged in two staggered rows, provide an effective magnetic force of 9,000 gauss at the outside of the rod surface to ensure the reliable separation of even the smallest metal particles. The EASY CLEAN feature makes cleaning the separator a simple, quick operation without the use of tools. Two quick release fasteners allow the inspection panel to be opened easily and the magnetic cores extracted from the stainless steel tubes. This allows the separated contamination to simply fall away from the surface of the tubes.
The standard units are fitted with either a Jacobs or drilled flat flange connection although other connections are available to special order. The standard separator is manufactured throughout from polished 316 Grade stainless steel and other finishes, including PTFE, TiN and paint, can be supplied.

The PNEUMAG in-line separator will be of interest to the pharmaceutical, food, plastics and chemical industries for ensuring that dry, free flowing, powdery, fine and course grained and flaked materials are free from contamination, especially at goods-in to protect production plant from damage.

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