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In vehicle computer from JLT automates topsoil weighing at British Sugar

CC Software (CCSL) is using an ultra rugged JLT in-vehicle computer for its real-time LOAD2000 system for weighing loads without the need for a weighbridge. The system will be used for British Sugar’s TOPSOIL business, providing a wireless live link between its topsoil site in Wissington, Norfolk, and its beet processing plant, situated 2 miles away.

British Sugar TOPSOIL is derived from prime arable soils, delivered with the sugar beet crop to its four factories. The soil is recovered and conditioned on-site, and over the last 10 years, TOPSOIL has established itself as the largest supplier of quality topsoil in the UK.

Supplied by JLT Mobile Computers’ partner Rugged Mobile Systems, the fixed-mount PC is installed within the cab of a front-end wheeled loader to provide the mobile platform for CCSL’s advanced wireless weighing system that utilises state of the art onboard weigh scales from RDS Technology.

The touch-screen PC-based system provides a range of efficiency and safety enhancements. These include the accurate and automatic recording of each bucket load as it is transferred to the truck and real-time communications of jobs to the loader operator, which reduces the amount of time spent out of the loader on a busy yard. Trucks do not need to travel to and from weighbridges – this normally entails driving to the weighbridge to weigh the empty truck, driving to the site to pick up the loads, and then travelling back to the weighbridge for final weighing – which reduces road miles, thereby improving fleet efficiency.

Utilising the latest in MESH wireless networking operating in the 5GHz range to provide long-range, high-availability data communications, the system provides a live link to corporate systems enabling instant updates and the ability to issue invoices without manual data entry. This reduces paperwork and streamlines accounting processes. In addition, truck drivers receive a printed receipt detailing the nature of the load and its precise weight as soon as loading is completed.

Two TOPSOIL products are sold:
Landscape20 is a fully-analysed and compliant to BS3882:2007, sandy loam, TOPSOIL. It is ideal for general landscaping projects such as seeding, turfing and planting.

Sports10 is a unique blend of sand, silt and clay, specifically developed as a cost-effective dressing for soil based winter sports fields. Fully-analysed and free of perennial weeds this specialist product has been designed for the professional groundsman to apply either by hand or mechanical spreader.

According to Rugged Mobile Systems the JLT fixed-mount PCs is ideal for CCSL’s LOAD2000 weighing solution. "The fully sealed integral PC and touch screen unit is a good choice for this application as it provides a range of benefits – ruggedness, ease of use, works off any on-vehicle power source, and the screen provides a clear user interface under any light conditions," said Ges Jones, Director, Rugged Mobile Systems.

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