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Independent tests prove Chill Pod can revolutionise produce transportation industry

With soaring fuel costs and the numbers of road users increasing, the problem of delivering consistently high quality fresh produce is becoming more expensive and difficult by the day. However, an innovative and environmentally solution is about to revolutionise the chilled transport industry.

Chill Pod is a range of roll cage or pallet covers, which can be used to transport and store chilled produce with the need for electricity. Independent tests have proven that Chill Pod’s use of NASA Flectalon technology can result in a massive reduction on fuel costs and the carbon footprint of transport companies and storage units.

The unique insulating properties of the covers are constructed from a flat polymer sheet, coated with a thin layer of aluminium which combines conventional trapped air thermal insulation with multiple mirror finish surfaces to reflect infra-red heat away from the product contained within. When tested against a competitor the unique Chill Pod design saw an increase of only 3.4 degrees over a 12 hour period, compared to 7 degrees by a leading competitor.

Already used extensively across Europe by some of the continent’s largest food retailers, Chill Pod is new to the UK market, but has already been picked up by a leading supermarket chain to store chilled produce.

Manufactured in the UK, Chill Pods are tailor made to the specific client specification. Chill Pods are lightweight, hard wearing and water resistant while boasting excellent impact and abrasion resilience. With an estimated 15% of energy usage in industrialised countries devoted to refrigeration, companies using Chill Pod products are guaranteed to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

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