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Independent waste management firm Premier Waste announce new hard plastics recycling service

Broken toys and furniture recycled into fleeces and sleeping bags

Once the summer season comes to an end and the warm weather begins to fade, we are often left with kids old or broken plastic toys, as well as a heap of garden furniture and outdoor play equipment, but thanks to Premier Waste Managements new hard plastics recycling service, these items can now be recycled.

The North Easts largest independent waste management firm will now provide drop off points at nine of their Household Waste Recycling Centres in County Durham for local residents to come along and dispose of all non-electrical hard plastic products such as plastic garden furniture, plastic toys, plastic bins and buckets, plastic food containers, and plastic crockery and cutlery.

The drop-off services available at Hett Hills, Potterhouse, Brooms Dene, Horden, Romanway, Cragwood, Annfield Plain, Seaham, and Tudhoe will enable people in the North East to recycle small and large plastic items made from hard plastics, no matter what type of hard plastic it is made from.

The plastic will be sorted, washed and then granulated. Once in this state it can be used as a raw material by manufacturers and made into items like carrier bags, drain pipes, garden furniture, fleece jackets and sleeping bags, etc.

Tony Hitchens, marketing manager at Premier Waste Management, said: We decided to launch the service, as we found that a lot of these hard to recycle plastics were going into general waste. We also know that many residents are committed to recycling their household waste, so weve provided the service to make it easier for them to do so.

Not only will the recycling service divert hard plastics from going to landfill, we also hope that it will increase recycling figures across County Durham, which means that there is scope to launch this service in other areas across the North East.

Plastics make up around 7% of the average household dustbin and the amount of plastic waste generated annually in the UK is estimated to be nearly 3 million tonnes.

It is therefore vital that we recycle plastic, as its made from oil and its production uses 8% of the worlds oil, which is one of the earths main non-renewable energy sources, and is running out fast.

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