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Industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer Nilfisk provide dust guard sweeper system for Wienerberger

A Nilfisk sweeper with a patented dust guard system is securing results at the Wienerberger brick works in Kidderminster.

Wienerberger are the world’s largest brick manufacturer with 234 plants in 24 countries worldwide. The busy Kidderminster site undertakes the full process, from digging out the clay to final firing.

Fine dusts populate the site varying from fine clay particles to brick dust and chippings. Keeping kiln and clay processing areas clean is a constant problem.
Originally all areas were cleaned manually using yard brooms and operatives with face masks. The site now utilises a diesel powered Nilfisk SR1601 ride on sweeper complete with a patented Dust Guard System.

The system constantly sprays a very fine mist of water over the brushes to suppress air borne dust. Dust is visually improved and a large 10m2 washable panel filter ensures dust free sweeping throughout.

A filter shaker facility prevents the build up of dust and any potential clogging. The main broom is free floating with the ride on machine providing a sweeping path of up to 1600 mm.

The machine boasts a steel chassis with strong yet lightweight rotomoulded polyethylene covers and bumpers. All in all automobile industry quality protection.

Power steering allows for excellent manoeuvrability whilst ‘linked controls’ prevent tipping errors by automatically closing the hopper when sweeping functions are turned off.

The high dump hopper is capable of tipping into standard containers up to a height of 159 cm. Additionally the SR1601 has a ramp climbing ability of up to 25%.

Gordon Podmore, Works Manager for the site commented; ‘the SR1601 is a replacement for a previous machine, I would say it is 15% quicker and visually does a much better job. The dust guard water mist system is a clear improvement.’

‘The Nilfisk service has been very good, we trialled various brush types to see what would suit us best. The adjustable brush facility also allows us to take the machine over kiln and dryer tracks.’

‘Nilfisk individually trained all operatives but we do work on an approved licence basis. This means that only certain individuals are allowed to operate the unit, the aim here is to improve ownership of the unit and therefore its condition.’

‘Actual service and maintenance is provided by Briggs Equipment our service provider. This works well for us as they are regularly onsite to take care of our fork trucks.’

The SR1601 sweeper is also available in petrol, LPG and 48v battery versions.
Nilfisk are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. From small commercial vacuum cleaners to road sweepers Nilfisk offer a complete and affordable solution to all cleaning challenges

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