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Industrial crane manufacturer Street Crane Company launch single girder hoist for safe lifting

In a game changing move, Street Crane Company, the UK’s largest industrial crane manufacturer, has launched a single girder hoist for safe lifting from 12.5 to 25 tonnes. Managing director Andrew Pimblett explained, "Most crane applications over 10 tonnes used to need a double girder crane and it was rare to find a monorail crane lifting over 15 tonnes. With our new design we are able to offer single girder crane options up to 25 tonnes safe working load for many mainstream applications. This saves material, crane cost, structural costs, weight and extends the crane capability."

The new Street monorail crane is suitable for processes housed in lightly constructed buildings, where substantial gantries or structural reinforcement would be required for double girder cranes. Aerospace manufacturers often fall into this category because of the wide-span bays and hangars used in this industry. The beam and hoist can also be incorporated into a portal or semi-portal crane design with cantilevers extending outside the portal supports.

Based on a modified reinforced box beam and components from the ZX hoist series, the new cranes give reliability and are easy to customise to client lifting demands. There is a comprehensive choice of travel speeds, options for inverter speed control, lifting capacity restriction, over heating protection and many other facilities for safe and efficient load handling. The monorail crane hoist is configured differently to standard ZX hoists. Modified rope reeving allows the hook block to rise alongside the main drum to make the unit more compact.

Two 15 tonne cranes of the new design have been installed at an extension to Street Crane’s own factory. Bombardier Aerospace in Northern Ireland is also taking advantage of the new technology. Here single girder cranes span bays of 64 metres and allow wings to be hoisted and safely moved along the bay.

Street Crane provides a complete service to manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland to assess movement needs, design, build and supply cranes for optimum manufacturing performance. Internationally they provide service via a network of over 50 national and regional crane builders and distributors.

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