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Industrial safety providers Fortress Interlocks introduce XMR unit an integrated key switch function

Industrial safety specialist Fortress Interlocks has integrated a key switch function into key exchange units, making it possible to isolate the power and release access keys in one operation.

The XMR unit simplifies the traditional interlock procedures for safeguarding potentially dangerous machines and areas with multiple access doors. By simply turning the first key of the XMR the safety contacts are broken, isolating the machine power. This key is then trapped and the other access keys can then be used to open the door locks allowing access to the safeguarded areas. Only when all keys are returned to the XMR can the machine be restarted. Therefore using the XMR, separate key transfer between an (isolation) key switch and key exchange unit is no longer needed, providing a simplified and cost efficient solution for lots of safeguarding applications.

The XMR is available in different switch currents and switch contacts. Besides the standard back of board version an enclosed version (IP67) is available.

Trapped key interlocking is a proven and tested method of safeguarding machinery or potentially dangerous areas. By trapping and releasing keys in a pre-determined order safe working environments can be achieved. The XMR and other Fortress products are suitable for use in high risk SIL3, PLe and Cat. 4 applications.

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