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Industrial safety specialist Troax launches intelligent locking system

The state of the art system offers unrivalled safety in demanding, industrial environments where machinery is in operation. This latest addition to Troax’s product range is designed to create a safe working environment while balancing the need to provide controlled access to automated machinery in order to reduce machine downtime and so improve productivity.

The new Safe Lock 4 x 4i is the first locking system on the market to provide ‘intelligent’ locking and complies with Safety Category 4. Unlike conventional locks, the Safe Lock 4 x 4i uses the latest technology to enable the lock to monitor itself constantly to provide the highest level of security, making incorrect or unauthorised usage virtually impossible.

Its components communicate using unique codes while the locking device is monitored using a coded transponder which monitors the position of the door and the locking device. To ensure the locking device is blocked, the catch is guarded by a photocell. The lock can also check, for example, that the locking pin’s position is correct before it approves the machine inside the guarded area for start up. A simple push button provides access to the guarded area.

Safe Lock 4 x 4i can be fitted to both right and left-hand opening doors and even to poorly aligned doors. The inside of the door is fitted with an escape handle for use in an emergency.
Commenting on the latest addition to Troax’s range of safety locking systems, David Teulon, managing director of Troax (UK) Limited said: "Our new intelligent locking system brings a much needed solution to the problem of ensuring personnel safety in today’s highly automated manufacturing and warehouse environments."

"Automated machinery must be guarded effectively but locking systems need to be practical and easy to integrate into the production environment. Safe Lock 4x4i meets those criteria, achieving a balance between a safe working environment, accessibility and reducing machine downtime to maintain efficient production."

Troax is now also developing a new version of the Safe Lock 4 x 4i which will be used with coded badges to ensure that only authorised employees can gain access to a guarded area. The locking system will be able to monitor entry and exit from guarded areas to provide an additional layer of security.

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