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Industrial Tyre Association ITA issues new guidance note on fitting solid tyres using tyre presses

ITA, a leading professional body for the industrial tyre industry, was keen to raise standards in the industry after hearing incidences of serious injuries caused by the incorrect use of tyre presses. As a result, ITA became involved with a working group, consisting of industrial tyre fitters and trade bodies as well as the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), to form a best practice approach.

Clive Green, Vice Chair of ITA explains: "Many experts in the tyre fitting industry recognised the need to raise professionalism and standardise the industry approach to the fitting of industrial tyres. We wanted to make the best practice overt so that fitters and users are aware of the risks and adopt a standardised best practice approach as a safeguard against potential hazards."

The 22 page guide is a comprehensive document containing information on potential hazards, training guidelines, the correct tools and equipment to use, procedures for fitting and removing industrial tyres, and safety requirements.

Len Sambrook, chair of ITA commented: "One of the biggest hazards when using a static or mobile tyre press is the high pressures involved. If a piece of metal flies off a press under a pressure of 10,000 psi, it has the same power as a bullet and can cause significant damage to someone. The HSE is aware of the hazards and risks associated with using tyre presses and fully endorses the guidance note ITA has produced."

As part of this process, the working group looked at every aspect of the use of tyre presses which included a full risk analysis of every potential hazard. One of the recommendations that came out was that welding leg spiders traditionally used with tyre presses, should no longer be used and the T section spider be used instead.

ITA’s website offers expert advice on the safe use of tyre presses and sets professional standards in best practice.

If you have any concerns or would like to find out more about industrial tyres, please contact ITA at: http://www.industrialtyres.org/

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