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Infrared beam smoke detection for logistics & distribution centre

Over 100 FireRay 5000 advanced wide-area beam detectors have been installed in hypermarket chain Kaufland’s major logistics centre in Turda, Romania. The detector system, manufactured by Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd., uses state of the art technology to make reflective infrared beam smoke detection as reliable and simple to install and maintain as possible. The local supplier for this project was Honeywell Life Safety Romania, with installation carried out by S.C. Proimsat S.A.

The logistics centre’s storage halls, loading bays and cold room areas all benefit from the large area coverage of the FireRay 5000, which is specifically designed to protect such spacious indoor areas from fire risks. One single FireRay 5000 system, comprised of a low level controller, wall-mounted transceiver ‘head’ unit and reflective prism, can cover up to 1500m2 – an area that would need around 15 ‘point’ detectors to safely protect. In this project, the beams are protecting mostly the large goods storage rooms, working in conjunction with point detectors in areas of more limited space.

The head unit, housing the beam transmitter and receiver, is installed on the wall high up near the ceiling, wired to the easily-accessible ground-level controller. The prismatic reflector, which needs no wiring, is positioned up to 100m away on the opposite wall. By bouncing the invisible infrared beam off the reflector, the head unit can detect the presence and density of smoke particles across the whole space between them, raising an alarm if the interference reaches a certain threshold.

The obvious advantage of this is that is takes vastly less units, less wiring and less installation/maintenance time and cost than protecting such a large space with other detector types. The system is also configurable with up to 4 heads per controller, making it even more versatile and further reducing potential installation costs.

The FireRay 5000’s advanced technology also makes it easier than ever to install and maintain, featuring a visible laser for alignment during commissioning, as well as automatic gain compensation (AGC) for dust buildup and a motorised auto-alignment system to keep the beam on target even in the event of slight building shift.

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