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Innovative Charging Cabinets boost operations for busiest time of year

As retailers, logistics companies and the hospitality industry prepare for peak season, 51T is making sure businesses remain efficient and productive with its innovative charging cabinets and cradles. With the majority of business operations now relying on technology, the robust and reliable charging devices ensure no problems occur which could disrupt business.

The e-retail market accounts for 24% of the UK retail market, and is growing year on year. Online shopping sees a huge boost towards the end of the year thanks to Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season – last year UK shoppers spent £21.6bn online between 5 November and 27 December alone.

With a predicted growth of 12% in 2015, online retailers and parcel companies are preparing for their busiest season ever. To keep operations running smoothly, it’s essential that staff are prepared and managers have plans in place should technology fail. 51T is recommending companies install extra charging devices for handheld devices if they are crucial to business.

Peter Emslie, Sales Director said, “Logistics companies and carriers in particularly need to be extremely prepared for the busy Christmas shopping period. They have the added pressure of managing a remote workforce, so rely heavily on technology. Our in-car chargers ensure drivers can always stay in contact with the base and request help if needed. If communication breaks down, business operations can be seriously affected – and there will be lots of unhappy customers if Christmas presents don’t arrive on time.”

Mr Emslie added, “It’s a similar story for retailers – it’s quite a long journey from an online order being processed to being shipped for delivery. There are lots of staff members along the chain who need to stay in contact and give stock updates or other essential information to different teams. Whether companies use PDAs, tablets, smartphones or other handheld devices, our charging solutions ensure companies don’t have to worry about downtime.”

The charging solutions from 51T are modular, allowing companies to build a suitable station for the size of their business. Up to 96 devices can be charged at one time from a single wall socket, offering maximum power output where they may be minimal electrical access. Each charging cabinet is also lockable to maintain tight security.

From a bar till going down on New Year’s Eve to a major retail website experiencing downtime on Black Friday – the technology businesses rely on to make sales can sometimes fail. Eliminate the risk with durable and repairable charging solutions from 51T.

Mr Emslie added, “With so much added pressure on businesses at this time of year, some mishaps are unavoidable. Don’t let device failure be a problem for business and threaten to affect profits – make sure you have the latest technological equipment to keep the company operating smoothly.”

To find out more about 51T and browse the range of robust charging solutions, go to: www.51T.co.uk

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