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Innovative counterfeit protection, efficient product tracing, increased customer loyalty

Manufacturers of luxury goods lose several billion Euros per year through product piracy alone. Counterfeit automotive spare parts now amount to 8-10% of global sales. According to recent estimates 6-10% of pharmaceutical products sold worldwide are also counterfeited – a trend which continues to rise. These are just two examples that illustrate why businesses are increasingly utilising strategy advice and security solutions offered by tesa scribos® to protect their brands, products and supply chains from counterfeiting, theft and manipulation. The German brand protection specialist will present its comprehensive range of products and services at the Brand Protection Show in London, 16-17 September 2009.

The company’s armoury of cutting edge security and application technologies provides solutions for many industries such as cosmetics, luxury goods, automotive and electronic products. Systems include tesa Holospot for ultimate counterfeit protection and traceability, tesa SecuritySeal adhesive tapes and labels which show when packaging has been tampered with and the printing of security labels tailored to clients’ needs.

Holospot technology equips individual products with a counterfeit-proof data carrier that is visible to the naked eye. It applies security directly on to the product and affords unequivocal, instant verification of authenticity for consumers as well as efficient product tracing for manufacturers and logistics companies. Additionally, design and information content can be customised to combine high public recognition with web or SMS verification.

The latest innovation from tesa scribos® is the Brand Protection Set – an integrated concept that can be incorporated with customer loyalty programs. Based on tesa Holospot this special edition of the Holospot system is designed for use with high value products and comes with a custom produced warranty card. It combines two or three individual Holospots which feature a common code. The Holospots are applied to the different items that make up the product set, for example, the product, the packaging and possibly the guarantee certificate or warranty card. By comparing data across all the Holospots customers can easily and quickly prove the originality of the product.

The concept is suitable for luxury products as well as cosmetics and consumer electronics and can be easily adapted to suit product lines which are produced, assembled and packaged at outsource locations. It can also be used to track products throughout the logistics chain to counteract grey market trade and integrate customer retention and interaction programmes.

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