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Innovative Datalogic Mobile EBS from Joya represents a revolution in the shopping world

The innovative Datalogic pod confirms itself as a winning tool against the economic recession

A positive approach is the possibly the best way to overcome the most difficult situations. This has always been an operative philosophy of Datalogic Mobile EBS, which has been transmitted and put into a concrete product, representing a revolution in the shopping world. This top product combines aesthetics, user-friendliness, high technology and modern Smarketing (Smart Marketing).
At a moment when critical situations in the global economy are foreseen, Joya becomes a key tool in the retail and distribution world.

"Thanks to the practical pod, which makes the customer feel more involved in the shopping experience, as he/she becomes the protagonist, hi-tech shopping is managed automatically. The "evolution process" begins with the consumer" – explains Luigi Frison, marketing manager at Datalogic Mobile EBS, "the consumer shops interactively, also thanks to simple actions, such as entering the store.

In this age, where everything is near-at-hand, technological and quick, Joya moves away from traditional shopping and old promotion methods, which included yelling and handing out leaflets, and contributes to the creation of a real time direct dialog. With this new pod, a consumer receives store news and promotions in real time, keeps the shopping bill updated while scanning barcodes and bags chosen goods while shopping, preventing the need to place the goods on the conveyer at check out. When the sales assistant receives Joya from the consumer at check-out, the receipt is generated automatically, contributing to quick and conscious shopping."

"Thanks to this versatile personal shopper, shopping dynamics becomes quicker and more direct" – declares Frison – "this reinforces the consumer’s desire of shopping in general, while increasing his/her desire to do so with the Datalogic pod." The relative data confirms an average sales increase of 15%, with some levels actually reaching up to 30%, while the Shopevolution customer share remains at a stable 25% for both sexes (Shopevolution is a Datalogic integrated solution for self-shopping with Joya). This influences total sales for an average of 30%. Sales of goods promoted through the Joya display have doubled, which confirms the fact that the real time communication during the shopping experience reaches its goal immediately.

"The numbers that show Joya’s success rate" – continues the manager, "is what convinced the largest Italian and foreigner retailers to join the Datalogic pod hi-tech shopping experience. In fact, a few months after Joya was introduced in the Auchan supermarket in Mestre (Venice, Italy), over 12.000 fidelity cards, which are necessary to access the system, were activated, and over 600 customers tried self-shopping with Joya on its inauguration day."

From the point of view of a concrete anti-crisis solution, keep in mind that self-shopping is associated with self-payment. "This is an affirmed retail trend" – concludes Frison, "as it assures the rationalization of store management costs (TCO) and the increase of customers loyalty. As a consequence. revenues that quickly cover the initial investment (ROI)."

Therefore, practicality and optimism are easily accessible. A smile appears on the Joya display with just one click, starting the shopping experience in a positive manner and the leading the way to overcoming the consumption crisis.
Datalogic continues to confirm its success with Shopevolution and win the leadership position with over 300 installations in stores of Italy (Coop, Conad, Carrefour, Auchan, Esselunga, Lombardini, Despar, Finiper and E.Leclerc Conad), France (Groupe Casino, ATAC e Carrefour) and Belgium (Delhaize Group and Carrefour). This is proof of how important the market and customers knowledge is together with strong innovation tendency for a constant and continuous growth.

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