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Innovative new range of matting in stock from ESE Direct

Innovative new range of matting in stock

ESE Direct, the UK’s experts in products for business, is now holding stocks of Blue Diamond matting.

The new supplier will extend ESE Direct’s range and introduce some new products. “Blue Diamond offer some innovative products that fit well with our existing lines as well as offering extra choice for our customers,” says Mark Perkins, procurement manager at ESE Direct.

Among the latest matting range on offer from Blue Diamond is a state-of-the-art range of entrance mats. The Sticky Step mats are composed of heavy-duty layers that capture large amounts of dust and dirt.

“They are ideal for industries that need to maintain a spotless environment and laboratory standards, for example electronics or food preparation,” says Mark.

Placed at the entrance to an area that needs to be kept clean, the mats draw down any dirt and dust particles into their anti-microbial adhesive surface when people step on them.

sticky step matAdhesive layers can be peeled off when fully contaminated to maintain a clean, fully effective mat all the time. The bottom layer adheres to any smooth, clean, dry floor.

The ESE Direct matting range now also includes the new offering of Sanibrush disinfectant matting which is perfect for environments where contamination risk needs to be controlled. It can be used at doorways, in packaging areas, laboratories, locker rooms or food processing areas.

It is made from 100% black nitrile rubber and has 14mm ramped edged which act as a container for disinfectant solution. As traffic passes, flexible strands on the mat dislodge contaminant from footwear.

Sanibrush Disinfectant Mat

“We have seen a surge in demand for matting of more than 200% since the 2019 catalogue launch in February,”

“It is now one of our most popular product ranges. We are seeing a massive year-on-year growth in the sale of rubber, synthetic and general matting so we were delighted to take on Blue Diamond as a supplier to allow us to expand our range.”

The new lines add to ESE Direct’s existing and comprehensive range. This includes anti-fatigue matting, which eases the strain of standing, electrical safety matting to prevent static, anti-slip matting and standard ribbed, rubber matting for all work environments.

Matting is available in synthetic rubber which is resistant to oil and chemicals or pure rubber matting, which is a renewable resource.

“We have many years of experience of helping customers select the right matting for their business and we are delighted that we can now offer them an even wider range that can meet all their needs,” says Mark Perkins.

“Blue Diamond offer some innovative products that fit well with our existing lines as well as offering extra choice for our customers,” says Mark Perkins, procurement manager at ESE Direct.

“We have opened up a bigger and wider ranging market for matting products by demonstrating their huge number of applications in many different situations. Whatever the industry, from equine and boating to specialist technology or heavy industry, there is usually a matting product that can meet customer needs.”

“We’ve worked hard to demonstrate to customers what we have available and how it can help their business. This coupled with our competitive pricing and the wider range of matting stock that we now hold, has seen growth soar.”

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The Sticky Step video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qipDHKH8D6c

Sanibrush video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEaVQBIaXTs

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