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Innovative Random Bagger unveiled at IntraLogisteX

BoxSizer, the UK based subsidiary of Linkx Packaging, unveiled its newest packaging and bagging innovation at this year’s IntraLogistex show, where visitors witnessed the machine’s unique capabilities firsthand.

The new random bagger, for which a patent is still pending, was designed with the needs of e-commerce retailers in mind. It offers safety and reliability of packaging whilst guaranteeing improved packaging times and overall space savings.

Ideal for streamlining logistics, the new intelligent bagger automatically assesses the size and shape of an incoming item. Using a set of high-precision inbuilt laser sensors, the machine calculates the item size and feeds the information to the wrapping machine, which in turn adjusts down to an appropriate size. The sensors determine the volume of the pack or box and there are no long delays for size changeovers.

What’s more, thanks to the innovative laser technology, the bagger can determine all required volume characteristics by working out the size of the product versus the size of its outer packaging. The machine can handle up to 20 packs per minute, depending on the size of the incoming items.

“Our retail customers are focused on reducing product damage and increasing security”, explained Derek Moore, Sales Director at BoxSizer. “Basically, if you buy a branded household item online and have it delivered to your home unpacked or with standard packaging, the contents are clearly identifiable and exposed to the weather, as well as being liable to attract unwanted attention. The BagSizer provides total security and package protection.”

BoxSizer exhibited the 1000 mm width BGR1000 at IntraLogistex, but three additional models of the machine are available upon request: the 500, 750, and the 1500 mm real width versions.

The wrapping material used by the bagger is a robust, weatherproof low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is available with black or gray opaque film. The bagger can be used to wrap high value items and protect them from the elements, as well as from prying eyes.

The machine features the latest in control systems using servo drives throughout and, thanks to its versatility, it can be expected to pay for itself in less than twelve months.

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