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Instant Cure Floor Coating dramatically reduces loading bays are out of action

Delays whilst loading bays are refurbished are challenging to the efficient operation of every distribution facility. In this fast moving environment, bay identification lines are constantly moved as layouts are altered, new walkways and safety signs etc. added.

Health & Safety at Work dictates that bays should be distinct and clean and bays can be out of action for up to three days whilst the epoxy coating and the sealant used to create new lines cure. RapidShield offers a solution to this problem meaning bays can be returned to service much quicker.

Once any old line(s) has been removed and the floor prepared, new lines, walkways, safety logos and stripes can be created by applying RapidShield which is then cured instantly by a portable unit that emits UV-light, turning it into a solid film. This fast cure means the bay could be used again within minutes.

Recent contracts confirm the benefits of RapidShield – Bays that would normally be out of action for three days being handed back within 24 hours of closure. Customers are delighted with the hard, high gloss surface which resists lift truck tyre marks much better than epoxy coatings. The fact that RapidShield is odourless, contains no solvents or isocyanates and complies with VOC and HAP regulations means normal work continued during application.

Enquiries to – Derek Saville – Quaker Chemical Limited
Tel – 01453 820800
Or email savilled@quakerchem.com

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