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Integrating Snowex with Euromec’s sweeper proves a success for supermarket chain

When Euromec was approached by Britain's leading supermarket chain to find a way of simultaneously sweeping and gritting the loading yards of three of its outlets, the company speculated whether it could find a hydraulically powered gritter that could be attached to its Azura compact street sweeper. The answer came with a SnowEx Salt Spreader and Chassis Trailer from Broadwood International, which is quickly and easily attached to the sweeper and allows the driver to make on-the-move adjustment to the spreading width.

Now ready for use when there are inclement weather conditions at the supermarkets outlets in Peterborough, Chesterfield and Daventry, Euromec believes that the amalgamation of its Azura sweeper with the SnowEx with its 12-volt drive system will also prove a winning combination with local authorities for streets, parks and car parks.

“We needed a proper gritter rather than one that was wheel driven and the SnowEx is the only one that fits this criteria”, says Graham Hill, Sales Director at Euromec.

Robustly built, the chassis enables all SnowEx models, with capacities ranging from 400L to 1600L, to be used for highway service. The trailer chassis includes suspension, light and braking thereby allowing the machines to be used at speeds of up to 60 mph where applicable. The trailers also enables SnowEx spreaders to be quickly and easily towed from site to site or around large premises using a wide range of vehicles from small vans and road sweepers through to 4x4s and larger trucks depending on their towing capacity.

The trailed SnowEx can be simply attached to the host vehicle by means of the trailer coupling and the connection of the wiring loom to enable its use as and when required, quickly freeing the vehicle for other duties. If required, the new trailer chassis may be very simply retrofitted to a user's existing Vee-Pro spreader.

“The unit is easy to use and the driver can control how much grit is being spread”, concluded Graham Hill. “In addition, the SnowEx hopper is constructed from polyethylene rather than steel which means that corrosion is eliminated, maintenance decreased and the vehicle can carry a greater payload.”

Leicester based Euromec is the UK's foremost supplier of industrial and mechanical cleaning equipment. Its Azura street sweeper is super compact but has the performance of a machine twice its size. Having an overall width of just 1230mm and permanent four wheel drive makes the Azura easy to manoeuvre and suitable for pavement and road use.

Available in a range of sizes with variable spread width of 1.5m-12m to treat a wide variety of applications from cycle ways and footpaths to roads, car parks, ports and freight terminals, Broadwood's SnowEx range is designed with the end user in mind. The Broadwood SnowEx has a low-maintenance, direct-drive system that requires no belts, pulleys or chains. It is mounted in a weather-tight enclosure and powered by dual, 12-volt DC motors to provide maximum torque transmission.

Broadwood International, Winchester Road, Little Somborne, Stockbridge,
Hants. SO20 6QT
Tel: 01794 388881 Email: sales@broadwoodintl.co.uk www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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