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Intelligent fleet management solutions for waste management with in-vehicle computing

Optimum dispatch planning – modern companies need to make efficient use of their vehicle fleet to withstand competitive pressures and increase their cost effectiveness; this also applies to recycling and waste management companies. New technologies help them to optimise the increasing requirements for logistics processes through improved dispatch handling and this be able to respond quickly to unexpected incidents. Advantech-DLoG, specialist in the development and production of in-vehicle computing solutions, offers waste management companies exactly the right solution with their 7-inch vehicle terminal TREK-753, from location determination/tracking through route planning and communication to data acquisition and transmission. Thanks to its extremely robust construction and comprehensive function range, it is ideally suited for use in waste management fleets and is available now.

"Operating commercial and special purpose vehicles if very cost intensive. Especially in the context of public sector use, budgets are particularly hard pressed which means that savings potential is of central importance, and should be exploited to the fullest extent possible," says Sayed Maudodi, Fleet Management Product Manager at Advantech-DLoG. "The TREK-753 helps waste management companies to create a cost-effective fleet management strategy through efficient dispatch planning as well as excellent communication and information facilities."

Capable of withstanding any environment
The TREK-753 will provide error free and reliable operation even in the toughest environments with fluctuating voltages. Its input range is from 6 to 36 volts making it suitable for a great variety of vehicle types, as the two certifications to ISO 7637-2 and SAE J1113 confirm. But the TREK-753 is also capable of withstanding great temperature fluctuations from -30° through 60°C.

Keeping your eye on the entire fleet
The compact vehicle terminal TREK-753 provides the dispatcher with the current positions of all vehicles via GPS, thus creating the basis for optimum route planning. Should a vehicle break down, the dispatcher can respond quickly and rearrange the routes. Also, the routes can be monitored and documented automatically as the individual legs are completed. That way the company can check whether it might be beneficial to combine or split up certain routes, making it possible to best exploit unused potential and increase productivity. Thanks to its flexible communication facilities like WLAN, WWAN, Bluetooth and GPS, drivers and the control centre can transmit messages and order status information in real time, thus always staying up to date.

Vehicle data on demand
A further useful functionality is the CAN-bus technology that allows the driver to call up further vehicle information and diagnostic data such as engine operating status, fuel consumption, or fuel filling level from the dashboard. This enables the driver to act in good time where necessary and avoid costly damage or even a vehicle breakdown. The data can also be recorded by the fleet management system and processed or displayed according to individual settings.

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