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Intelligent light pick error proofing system

With the introduction of MachPick®, leading control and automation specialist
MacDonald Humfrey, has launched an intelligent manual pick identification system
that gives a visual light indication where an item is stored, creating both a
paperless and error-free selection operation.

MacDonald Humfrey has developed MachPick as a modular configurable system
catering for a wide variety of applications in both warehousing and production
environments, where a correct pick is essential. One of its many advantages is that it offers multi-colour light configuration allowing specific colour coding for individual operators working in the same area, making MachPick one of the most versatile pick-to-light systems currently available.

Correct pick location is achieved by automatic illumination of a series of LEDs immediately adjacent the storage location. It also supports many supervisoryv roles through a count process, operator pick confirmation or weigh-scales,
automatic alerts signalling when pre-set low stock levels are reached.

The flexibility of the new MachPick system is created by three module ID formats, supplied in 15 or 30cm lengths that simply 'snap' together to cover the entire pick face, and can be used horizontally or vertically depending on the applications. The various format styles and facilities can be interchanged to create that ideal location spotter unique to a specific application.

Expected to be the most widely used ID spotter is MachStick® – the standard 30cm module with a series of multi-coloured lights for indication and beams for monitoring, these units can be mounted either side of the pick location. The
light beams integral to the Machstick continuously monitor the pick face. A hand passing through the light beam automatically triggers recognition of component
selection or illegal entry. This module is extremely flexible, the number of lights that are energised is fully programmable in increments of 5cm to match exactly the width of the storage box, tote bin, etc. This allows varying sizes of container to be used within the overall system but does not detracting from positive ID procedures of where to pick.

The specific module makes MachPick a truly international system – since there is
no paper generated pick-list there is no language barrier.

For applications where more operator information is required MacDonald Humfrey provides the MachBox® and MachAlpha modules. The MachBox again uses multi coloured lights to show where to pick, but also features a simple numeric digital display to indicate quantity required and backlit push-buttons used to acknowledge components selection, alarms and call alerts.

The MachAlpha unit is similar to the MachBox but features a display offering up to four-lines of text to the picker. Any quantity or combination of the modules can be utilised in one system to suit customer's requirements.

Central to the new highly versatile and flexible MachPick system is an interface
module that connects directly to the supervisory host computer via TCP/IP
Ethernet, thus eliminating the need for additional expensive hardware. Through
the supervisory software the whole process becomes automatic, simple input
parameters triggering the pick location with all events and actions stamped and
recorded in an event logger.

The MachPick intelligent light system from MacDonald Humfrey takes pick-to-light
to another level of sophistication, achieving real progress in improving error-
free selection, but also offering simplicity in functionality achieved through
the modular design allowing for easy installation or re-configuration. Even
extending an initial scheme through its plug together design is easy since no
additional wiring is required.

Keith Mills
MacDonald Humfrey (Products) Ltd
Bolton Road,
Bedfordshire LU1 3HY
Tel: 01582 439393
Fax: 01582 439394
Email: kam@mhproducts.co.uk www.mhproducts.co.uk

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