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Intelligent lockers assist snack brand’s warehouse operation

The UK’s leading snack food manufacturer has turned to Traka to provide a solution to help protect and maintain the PDA devices that are integral to the operation of its warehouse facility.

Like in many busy warehouses, the PDAs are crucial to the distribution of the famous snacks, as they instruct each worker on where each batch of products needs to be stored within the warehouse and then selected for dispatch across the country. However, the loss, theft and damage of these devices was obstructing the efficient running of the warehouse. Operators starting their shifts would be presented with devices that were either faulty or not sufficiently charged. In many instances there would not be enough PDAs to issue each worker, causing unnecessary downtime and confused instructions.

The shortage of PDAs was mainly due to operators storing the devices in their own lockers overnight so that they could ensure they had a working system for their next shift. This caused a domino effect, as the distribution centre worked multiple shifts over a 24-hour period, so there would frequently be a lack of devices.

Traka was enlisted to provide a flexible, but secure solution to safeguard the PDAs, that also allowed warehouse operatives to self-issue the systems. The Traka Intelligent Locker assigns each PDA to a locker position, so devices can only be taken from and returned to that unit.

Each operative has been given access to the TRAKA Intelligent locker system by using their existing site access cards, so the issuing and the return of each PDA is recorded, meaning accountability of the valuable assets can now be tracked and monitored. Further to this, each position in the locker has a charging station, which means that devices can be charged whilst in storage, ensuring they are ready for the next user and reducing unnecessary downtime.

The integrated software of the Traka Intelligent Lockers enable users to log when there is a fault with one of the PDAs, and through a bespoke numbering system they can also log what type of fault it is. When a fault is recorded that specific position is locked off so that operators do not end up using a broken device. The sophisticated software also notifies the administrator when a fault has been recorded, meaning that maintenance and repair requirements are reported quickly.

The Traka Intelligent Locker was able to help one of the UK’s leading snack manufacturers safely store PDAs, which are integral to the smooth operation of its distribution facility. However, reducing the risk of theft of the valuable assets was just one part of the solution, Traka were able to provide a locker system that was both flexible for the warehouse operators and easy to monitor for the administrator. The solution ensures downtime caused by faulty or uncharged devices is kept to a minimum.

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