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International academics and logistics proffessionals to discuss fast-moving global supply chains

LRN Annual Conference and PhD Workshop 2013: re-engineering logistics and transport systems to re-gain competitiveness, Wednesday 4th September – Friday 6th September 2013

With manufacturers and retailers eager to rethink their global supply chains with the rise of e-commerce and the pressures on low-cost manufacturing in Asia, the topic of re-engineering logistics and transport systems is extremely relevant. Academics and supply chain professionals from nineteen countries will be discussing leading edge thinking and presenting the results of their latest research at CILT’s Annual Logistics Research Network (LRN) Conference, being hosted by Birmingham City University and University of Aston at the Lakeside Conference Centre, University of Aston, from Wednesday 4th September to Friday 6th September 2013.

Many of the papers will have considerable relevance not only to LRN’s established academic audience, but also to supply chain professionals looking to ensure they are involved in shaping tomorrows supply chains. The LRN Conference, organised under the umbrella of The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT), is a unique opportunity for academics and transport professionals to share their experience, and is an annual event where many important research findings are first revealed. This makes it a ‘must attend’ event for logistics and transport academics, and also a key opportunity for transport professionals looking to gain a competitive edge in planning the future.

The LRN Conference is one of the most important European forums for the presentation of research results, current practice and new ideas in supply chain management, logistics and transport, with papers presented by academics, researchers and practitioners working in the field of logistics, transportation and supply chain management. Participants from as far afield as Australia, Namibia and Thailand will be sharing their knowledge, ideas and philosophies.

Papers cover subjects highly relevant to practitioners and academics alike including food logistics, lean production developments, modeling the changing patterns of container logistics, flexible contracts, evolving freight rates and increased collaboration. Papers are being presented from UK universities as well as from Italy, Holland, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria.

Attendance is excellent value with a combined price for the full conference with accommodation at £550.

This includes

· 2 nights bed and breakfast in the Aston Business School Hotel

· Lunch and refreshments on 4th – 6th September

· Evening reception

· Conference dinner to be held at the Birmingham Council House

· An annual subscription to the International Journal of Logistics: Research & Applications

· A hard copy of the paper abstracts and an electronic copy of all papers

For more information on this year’s LRN Conference 2013, please visit the LRN website: http://www.lrn2013.org.uk/ or phone Tara-Chelise Betts on 01536 747151.

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