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International Innovative Technology introduce new efficient and versatile milling system

New patented milling technology has the potential to meet the fine grinding requirements of bulk materials that were previously regarded as uneconomic.

Engineering design specialist� the UK based International Innovative Technology (IIT), has developed new grinding technology that combines low energy consumption with a compact size and powerful grinding force.

As a result� as well as being suitable for the conventional grinding of a wide range of minerals and materials� the highly milling system also has the potential to turn a number of industrial by-products that were previously regarded as waste into commercial products.

The new m-series powder mills from IIT comprises a technically advanced modular design capable of grinding soft� medium and hard materials (to 9.5 on the Mohs scale) to 90% passing 45 microns and below.

Compact and powerful� the centrifugal grinding mechanism of the m-series is extremely energy efficient with the vertical material flow path and special roller assembly ensuring that the force produced is translated into maximum particle grinding power.

As a result� extremely low electrical energy input is required relative to particle size and volume of powder output� with specific energy consumption typically between 5kWh/T and 10kWh/T.

Managing director� George Ord� says: "In those areas where milling technology could not previously handle non-economic materials efficiently� the low energy features of the m-series have opened up a range of new opportunities – particularly in the area of recycling and with certain plastic and glass waste.

"For example� working with established suppliers in the glass reinforced plastics (GRP) industry we have been able to demonstrate the cost effective and environmentally efficient grinding of production-line GRP off-cuts which had previously been consigned to landfill.

"Turning the scrap into a fine powder means it can be economically reduced to a fine powder for recycling in the batch mix and other applications.

"Similarly� in the construction sector� we have successfully turned surplus limestone waste into a powdered product that can be used as a cement replacement in concrete production."

More traditional milling applications for the m-series include the processing of natural raw materials and other industrial products such as metal oxides� bauxite� calcium carbonate and quarry products� silicon carbide� coal� fly ash� blast furnace slag� nickel slag� steel slag and glass waste.

The motors� drives and control technology for the m-series are supplied by Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technology (Siemens IA &DT) who are also providing worldwide technical support for the new system.

Multi stage grinding processes can be developed through the incorporation of a number of grinding modules in series with milled powder size controlled by the number of modules� rotational speed and module barrel diameter.

Typically� a standard 600mm barrel operating at 300 rpm produces a very fine powder output at up to 5 tonnes per hour and multi-mill configurations are available to meet capacities of up to 50 tonnes per hour.

The vertical configuration and compact size gives the IIT m-series mills a small floorspace footprint for efficient installation in relatively confined spaces and simple integration into existing processes.

As part of a full project management capability IIT also provides full materials handling system design, installation and commissioning services. In this respect the new m-series is available as a stand-alone milling plant or can be supplied as part of a complete powder milling process solution with the IIT-developed c-series dynamic classifier used for fine particle sizing and the s-series of high efficiency cyclones.

Where materials which have the potential to combust or explode are to be processed ATEX rated models of the m-series grinding mill and ancillary plant are also available.

International Innovative Technologies (IIT)
Unit 5 Queens Court
Third Avenue
Team Valley Trading Estate
Gateshead NE11 OBU

Sales: enquiries@iituk.com
Web: www.iituk.com
Tel: +44 (0) 191 491 3136

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