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Interroll RollerDrive EC310 – the most energy efficient all-purpose drive

The new 24 V DC Interroll RollerDrive EC310 offers a complete safe solution to support the design of cost effective, custom built, versatile conveyor and assembly lines. What is more, the drive solution uses up to 30% less energy and recycles brake energy. Thanks to its simple control technology with perfectly coordinated functions, the space-saving EC310 drive solution significantly simplifies zero line pressure accumulation conveyor technology compared with conventional systems and can be integrated seamlessly and compactly into new or existing logistics systems.

All elements of the system can safely operate in ambient temperatures between 0°C to 40°C and comply with IP54 up to IP66 protection rating.

This EC310 conveyor drive offers outstanding torque at all speeds with excellent acceleration/ braking performance, optimum energy-savings, low operating temperature and superb start-stop performance for all unit load handling applications, including food industry & packaging as well as checkweighers and logistic applications.

Thanks to the new generation of control technology it has been possible to combine all of the components in one functional unit to create an environmentally-friendly total solution that enables customers to reduce costs and at the same time enhance the functional quality of their system.
The typical operation of zero pressure accumulation conveyors with RollerDrives is also extremely energy-efficient: the individual conveyor modules only run when there are containers present; once these have been moved off, the conveyor modules no longer run but continue to be ready for transporting product.

Compared with this, a typical zero pressure accumulation conveyor with a flat belt or line shaft has much higher energy consumption and noise emissions.
The Interroll RollerDrive EC310 is ideal as a drive for all zero pressure accumulation conveyor applications for use with lightweight to heavyweight containers. The versatility of the electronically commutated drive roller with its compact integral 24 VDC motor, electronics and gears, makes the planning, construction and operation of systems much simpler.

The RollerDrive EC310 has nine gear speeds, enabling the drive to be adapted ideally to all applications. The integral controller guarantees a constant conveyor speed in the specific load-bearing area. When the material being conveyed brakes, the EC310 feeds back energy, not only improving the energy balance of the system and reducing costs but also ensuring that the motor heats up less in operation. However, thanks to the incorporation of brake choppers in the Interroll Drive and ZoneControls, the feedback of voltage is restricted to a non-critical level.

Depending on the design and complexity of a system, the RollerDrive EC310 can be used with modules DRIVECONTROL’s 20 & 54 or ZONECONTROL for controlling the speed, direction of rotation and logic. The Interroll BusControl is currently in development, making it possible to influence and correspondingly visualise all parameters of the conveyor system.

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