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Interroll RollerDrives – highly versatile DC-powered rollers

Powerful, fast, quiet and versatile: the expanded Interroll RollerDrives product range meets every possible requirement in the field of high-end materials handling. RollerDrive and DriveControl are the key components when it comes to operating a conveyor system with sustained efficiency. Minimal energy consumption, low installation costs and maintenance-free operation translate into a fast return on investment.

The newest development in the RollerDrive series is the EC200. It brings peace and quiet back to the world of unit load handling with zero-pressure accumulation. The 24V DC-powered 50 mm roller meets the full range of requirements in terms of safety, throughput and conveyor speeds. What makes this next-generation drive even more impressive is that it combines space-saving design with ultra-smooth running and high-torque performance – the perfect choice for powered bends, lifts as well as supply and discharge lines. Designed for applications with the most demanding throughput requirements and container weights, this Hercules of a drive can achieve up to 30 start/stops per minute and transport loads of up to 100 kg per section. Even in wet conditions, the RollerDrive EC200 will deliver a sterling performance thanks to its IP66 protection classification. The Interroll RollerDrive EC200 is supplied with all the necessary commutation and control electronics integrated in the roller housing.

If speed is of the essence, operators need look no further than Interroll's new EC110 RollerDrives. Brushless, with 24 V DC motor-powered rollers and a noise emission of less than 55 dB(A) during operation, they are around 12% more efficient than conventional products. Even with varying loads, a constant speed is guaranteed. In conjunction with the new DriveControl HC-EC 110, Interroll can supply an all-in-one solution that has reliability written all over it.

Conveyor rollers, drive electronics, cables and power supply units complete the impressive drive kit for Interroll RollerDrives – the exact solution plant designers, system manufacturers and engineers are looking for.

Contact for further technical specifications or visit the website – www.interroll.com

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