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Inventive locker delivery solution solves age-old problem

Improving the quality of life for patients is one of the primary goals of ArjoHuntleigh UK, a leading healthcare company. Providers of equipment including medical beds, disinfection machines and hygiene systems, ArjoHuntleigh needs to ensure maintenance and repairs to equipment are carried out swiftly.

Employing a workforce of Field Service Technicians based across the UK, ArjoHuntleigh needed an efficient and reliable way of getting parts to them. With traditional methods of delivery riddled with problems, ArjoHuntleigh sought a more effective method. It turned to ByBox, the market leaders in field solutions. ByBox delivers 20 million items a year into a network of 1500 lockers based across the UK with a 99.77% first time pre 8am delivery success rate.

The solution was perfect for ArjoHuntleigh and meant technicians could receive parts before the start of their day’s work. Due to its huge network, ByBox lockers are on average 2.5 miles from a technician’s home address, making it easy and convenient for them to collect parts.

The upkeep of equipment is crucial for the health and wellbeing of both patients and carers. Equipment used for lifting, bathing and showering ensures carers work in safe working positions, thus reducing the risk of injuries. Delays to repairs can have detrimental effects so it is essential that technicians receive parts without delay and without fail.

ByBox delivers in-night with one of the most reliable distribution networks in the UK. With its unique solution, the problem of missed deliveries or long trips to depots are eliminated. Technicians simply collect from a convenient locker; whether it is a locker closest to their home address or one closest to where they are carrying out maintenance work. This flexibility ensures they can get on with the important jobs without having to worry about whether parts are going to turn up.

Technicians can also use the lockers to return used or faulty parts. The process is effortless; they simply attach a return label to the part and place it in a locker. ByBox then ensures it gets to the correct return destination. All stages in the delivery and return process are tracked for full peace of mind and ArjoHuntleigh can check the status of parts on the ByBox website.

In today’s society, where technological advances have led to breakthroughs in the field of healthcare, companies cannot afford to be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to delivery. The ByBox service is a modern day solution to an age-old problem and helps to increase the quality of care of people with reduced mobility and related conditions.

Sheryl Rackham, Senior Project Manager at ArjoHuntleigh UK said "We have worked with ByBox for a long period of time at a local level. They were a natural selection as a partner for our Group Supply Chain strategy, adding value with their experience and expertise during the course of the project and beyond. We are delighted to work with a partner who brings new innovation to their product to assist our business models".

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