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IPS packaging audits are made-to-measure

As part of the company's wider strategic remit, protective packaging specialists Interactive Packaging Solutions (IPS) are keen to engage with customers on improving all aspects of their transit packaging systems.

With over 30 years' experience of providing a wide variety of companies with protective packaging solutions, in materials ranging from advanced protective foams to simple corrugated cardboard and composites, IPS are now UK market leaders in the design, development and supply of protective packaging.

This means the company is now well placed to advise customers across many industrial sectors and to provide practical long-term solutions, which add value to the total product handling process.

IPS packaging audits look at the effectiveness of current packaging activities and how these can be improved. Examples may include:

• Reconciling the sometimes contradictory aims of the protective and promotional aspects of packaging
• Resolving design issues with flexible
in-house resources to reduce tooling and
set-up costs, as well as improving lead
• Assessing the suitability of current packaging materials. To what extent are they:
cost-effective, light in weight and attractive
in appearance?
• Devising a manufacturing and distribution process that is environmentally friendly. IPS audits focus on the re-cyclability and re-usability of packaging materials, and how this impacts on a customer's bottom line.

Commenting on the rationale behind IPS packaging systems audits, Managing Director Andrew Laundy points to the extent to which customers today, welcome discussions about the wider issues of packaging and how it affects both their own business and the environment:

“Our audits are very popular for several reasons,” says Andrew. “Customers like the idea of an objective, third-party opinion on what they're doing and how they're doing it.

“We look at the materials being used and whether they are achieving business objectives at a price that is acceptable to both the company's management and to the environment.

“Sometimes,” Andrew continued, “it's the small improvements we suggest that make the difference. For other customers, our ideas may prompt a complete re-think of everything they're doing.

“In most cases, however, there's always the reassurance that a company with the experience of IPS has given their packaging systems the once over.”

To arrange an audit of your companies transit and protective packaging procedures, IPS can be contacted on 01978 661671 or visit their web site at www.ips-uk.co.uk

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