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Irish transport operators get Truckprotect support in their battle to stop fuel theft

Increasing sales of anti-fuel theft devices across Ireland highlight the problem of fuel theft and a new determination to stop it says TruckProtect, manufacturers of the world-leading InstantFit NECK-IT range of anti-fuel theft units that fit every make and model of commercial vehicle.

Responding to the new demand, TruckProtect is now introducing a number of new measures designed to increase awareness of the problem and make its solution more available. They include the appointment of several new distributors throughout the country that will supply InstantFit NECK-IT units direct to Irish vehicle operators. As of right now, commercial vehicle owners wanting a cost effective and practical solution that works to protect them from fuel theft can get the TruckProtect range from several major vehicle manufacturer outlets and several smaller distributors. TruckProtect's anti-fuel theft units are available from all DAF, MAN, Isuzu, Unipart and Scania locations, plus the following independents:

Transport Supplies Ltd, Belfast
Corrigan Fuels Ltd, Co Longford
Bits and Bobs Ltd, Co Monaghan
Omeath Transport, Newry
MK Supplies Ltd, Co Westmeath
Cullen Autoparts, Dundalk, Co Louth
Full details on all outlets can be obtained via the link on the HGV Ireland website, along with details on new distributors as they are appointed.

“We have seen a steady rise in Irish sales increase to a flood that is now in full flow and operators desperate to know where they can get our units from, other than direct from TruckProtect,” says the company's CEO Russell Fowler.

“We are pleased to be able to support this demand with the appointment of new 'local' distributors that can meet operators' needs, and by making information about our products and dealers more easily accessible online with the link to HGV Ireland.

“I am delighted that operators who recognise they are at risk from fuel theft are seeking out our solution above others, and seek to reassure them we will be doing everything we can to ensure we meet their demands. Our InstantFit NECK-IT units are the best-selling because they work, and are already fitted to over 100,000 vehicles throughout the world,” he adds.

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