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ISL to develop IS network in Brazil

International Synergies Limited (ISL) is to set up an industrial symbiosis network in Brazil as part of the UK Government's Sustainable Development Dialogue partnership agreement.

The project is being funded by Defra through its International Sustainable Development Fund and by the Minas Gerais State Government in Brazil.
The aim of the project is to establish an industrial symbiosis (IS) network in the Alto do Sao Francisco (ASF) region of Brazil that supports the Minas Gerais waste management policy and the local industry's Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) priorities. Minas Gerais generates an annual income of around R$90 billion (£30 million).

The ASF region comprises of 56 municipalities and is responsible for 5% of Minas Gerais's income. Key industries in the region include steel, chemical, food, fireworks, timber, textiles, construction, milk and manufacturing.

IS is a relatively new concept advocating a closed loop approach to industry where waste and resource streams are recovered, reprocessed and reused elsewhere in the industrial network. IS draws together businesses from different industrial sectors to share expertise, knowledge, logistics and resources resulting in economic, environmental and social benefits.

Birmingham based ISL has extensive experience in establishing IS networks both in the UK and overseas. The company manages the UK's National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) and is also currently leading two other Government funded Dialogue projects; a circular economy pilot in the Yunnan Province of China and an IS programme in Mexico working alongside the Confederation of Industrial Chambers.
“The state environmental agency sees IS as a powerful tool to support public policies on waste management in Minas Gerais,” explains, Peter Laybourn, Chairman of ISL.

“Over the course of the next 2 years we will work with the government and the environmental agency to map and compile data on the flow of resources such as materials and energy to simultaneously reduce waste and reuse valuable resources which in turn will strengthen SCP in Minas Gerais and ultimately in Brazil as a whole.”

Phil Callaghan from Defra said: “ISL has a proven track record in establishing successful IS networks including Dialogue projects in China and Mexico. Developing an IS network in Brazil that ties into the country's SCP policies and strategies will promote economic growth and reduce consumption of virgin materials whilst improving the country's overall environmental performance.”

Between April 2005 and September 2008 NISP has helped UK companies to:

• Reduce their CO2 emissions by 4.6 million tonnes

• Divert over 4.1 million tonnes of waste from landfill

• Make £116 million in cost savings for industry

• Generate £140 million in additional sales for industry

• Attract £112 million in private investment for reprocessing and recycling

• Avoid the use of over 6.6 million tonnes of virgin materials

• Reduce their use of potable water by industry by over 9.2 million tonnes

• Eliminate over 351,000 tonnes of hazardous waste

• Create and safeguard 2165 jobs

• Assist numerous new business start-ups

For more information about NISP visit the website, www.nisp.org,uk

To find out more about International Synergies Limited visit, www.international-synergies.com or telephone 0121 433 2660

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